Drive a car often? Surely sometimes you feel short of breath when you breathe in the bad air in the car. This usually occurs due to motorists who smoke, incoming dirty air from outside, or poorly maintained car cleanliness.

Therefore, you need an object called air purifier. The function of this object is to clean the air in the car. Are you curious? Listen review ProductNation below this yes!

10 Review Air Purifier Best Car

Sharp IG-DC2Y-B

Rp. 850 thousand

Air purifier from Sharp, you can avoid various bacteria in the air in the car. The existence of technology Ion Plasmacluster High Density 25,000 guarantees the realization of fresh air and clean from bacteria.

Apart from that, features Turbo Modeit also makes the air purification process faster. Easy installation and suitable for any car.

Honeywell Move Car HAPC15GC010506B

Rp. 1.1 million

When it comes to cleaning the air, Honeywell Move good at making it happen. Designed with a compact and portable body, this device has a HEPA carbon filter that not only removes dust, but also odors in the car. Not only that, you can easily operate it because it has an easy, smart, and intuitive interface.

Panasonic F-GMG01AKN

Rp. 990 thousand

Comes with a compact and ergonomic design, the Panasonic F-GMG01AKN will be a solution to freshen the air in your car and protect your health.

Ion contained in it can kill various types of viruses and diseases, cfor example the H1N1 virus. Not only that, air purifier This will also keep your skin moisturized to keep it healthy and fresh.

Xiaomi Car Air purifier

Rp. 790 thousand

Different from air purifier another, one of the advantages of this Xiaomi product is the low noise level when operated. That way, when working this tool does not interfere with your moments of togetherness and concentration on driving while on a trip.

Even more interesting, you can use and access its various features with the touch of a finger Mi Home App, making it easier and more practical.

Sharp IG-GC2Y-B

Rp. 1.3 million

Through the IG-GC2Y-B series air purifier, Sharp pinned various kinds of quality features to support its performance. One of them is a feature Dual Air Intake which can filter dirty air and penetrate clean air into the car. Effect Coanda it also has the clean air to flow throughout the room or cabin in your car.

Baseus Whale Car Air purifier

Rp. 140 thousand

Products made by Baseus are often famous for their elegant appearance, as well as products air purifier-his. Named “Whale”, because the shape is designed like a cup with a small and cute whale ornament.

Not only makes the air healthier, it makes light ambient gradientit can make you calmer and helps fall asleep when the body is tired.

Philips Go Pure ACA251

Rp. 1.7 million

If you ask, air purifier which ones are feature-rich? Philips Go Pure ACA251 is the answer. This tool has been designed by professionals by combining HEPA and HESA filters which are not only capable of filtering large particles, but also dust, microorganisms, and even harmful chemical and toxic gases. This tool will automatically turn on when the car is started.


Rp. 700 thousand

The Neotex XJ-2000 is arguably one car purifier classy at an economical price. Air purifier This can make the air in the car healthy and feel cool in the lungs.

XJ-2000 is willing to sweep all the contents of the evil particles in the air, including in expelling unpleasant odors and sticky cigarette smells. The power used by this device is 6 watts.

iBOS Mfresh SY101

Rp. 878 thousand

Did you realize that the air in the car is dangerous? Especially if one of the users is an active smoker. Hence, it’s time to buy the iBOS Mfresh SY101.

This tool is capable of removing ion negative which can kill bacteria from easily sucked air particles up to 0.01 in size micron and of course eliminating the existing cigarette smell. Carbon monoxide substances that are in the car can also be filtered.

Ultrasonic Aroma Air purifier LED 500ML

Rp. 105 thousand

Want to be more relaxed and comfortable when driving? Use air purifier of Ultrasonic Aroma only. Different from air purifier In general, this tool can increase the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses, it can also improve air quality and make your skin moisturized. Simply by adding essential oils, this tool can produce an effect relaxing aromatherapy.

How to Choose Air purifier Best

Air purifier is now becoming increasingly used by many people, especially those who live in big cities. Naturally, considering the day the air quality gets worse. Not suprisingly, air purifier become a mainstay for cleaning air in the car. Then, how to choose air purifier the good one? Check out the tips below.

  • Determine the type that suits your needs

Did you know that filter air purifier it has many kinds. The types commonly used in the market are as follows.

    • HEPA: Capable of capturing all dust particles, even the very small ones.
    • Carbon filter: Able to get rid of unpleasant odors quickly
    • UV Light Generator: Can kill germs, but not odor
    • Plasmacluster: Produces OH radicals and releases them into the air to kill various microorganisms.
    • Ionizer: Able to release negative ions to maintain health.
  • Choose something that is not noisy and annoying

Have air purifier does make health awake, but a lot air purifier working with a pretty noisy voice and annoying. Therefore, it’s good for you to choose a type air purifier which is electric and has a low noise level so as not to disturb concentration when driving a car.

  • The price corresponds to budget

Air purifier it does have a hefty price range, but it’s still there really which is priced at a cheap price. We recommend that you do a price comparison first so that you can adjust it to the budget you have. Do not let the economy is disrupted train-station air purifier.


Increasingly, air pollution is getting higher and the level of air quality is getting worse, especially in big cities. Even though you use a car to travel, this does not rule out the possibility of you being attacked by bacteria. Because the air in the car is not necessarily healthy. Therefore, you need air purifier which you can install in the car to keep the air clean while you are driving a car.

Disclaimer: Prices listed are a reference to product prices. Prices can change based on the current promo at each online shop. If there are products that are no longer available, please contact us, at email: [email protected] Thank you!