Ahh… we finished the top 10 Honeywell air purifier review and now you have reached our all important buying guide. Time to provide you the proper guidelines so that you can choose the correct air purifier.

Don’t you know how to pick an air purifier? Or, which things are important in order to pick an air purifier?

Don’t worry about anything. If you really need a guideline then you should read our buying guide. I hope you will be able to select an air purifier.

So, let’s start at…

You have to notice some important matter when you want to buy an air purifier. I am describing these one by one…


Actually, the filtration is the main job of an air cleaner. So, you have to see the quality of the filters. Does the filter remove all germs or bacteria? Can the filters capture the dust and pet dander? Can it remove allergen, odor, and smoke?

Look, the Honeywell air purifiers have three filters. The Pre-filter captures the dust and solid-substance and the air becomes free from these items 99.97%. Next, the HEPA filter removes different germs, allergens, and many harmful contaminants. That’s why Honeywell’s filtered air is for humans and animals.

The last filtering step is activated carbon filter. This level works to remove the odor, smoke, kitchen odor, fire smoke, outdoor odors, and bathroom odor.

So, you will get a fresh environment after completing the filtering. If your indoor environment is fresh then your mind will be fresh all the time and it is safe for you too.

Filter replacement

You have to replace the filter after using them for few months. Generally, a filter can last 6-7 months if you use it regularly. So, you should change your air purifier’s filter after using them for a few months. Otherwise, the filters will not work properly.

Besides, the replacement is very easy and you can do it from home. There is an opening system in all air purifiers. And, you can also fix the purifier after changing the filters.

In addition, you should clean your filters every month. See, the dust get clogged in the filters. If you do not clean the filter then it will not clean air perfectly. So, do not forget to clean.


When you will buy an air purifier you have to see the sound system. In this case, you should buy a less noisy air purifier.

If your air purifier makes a bit of noise at the high-speed level then it’s ok. Because you will use the high-speed level in the day or evening and when you need fast air cleaning. But, you use the low speed for sleeping, studying, and homeworking. Then we need a silent environment. In such situation, you have to buy an air purifier that is not noisy at the low speed.

And, the 10 best Honeywell air purifiers are not noisy in the low-speed level.

Room coverage and ACH

Of course, you will buy an air purifier depending on your room size. But, there is an important matter which is the ACH (air changes per hour). Our Honeywell air purifiers have 5X ACH or the air purifiers can filter the air 5 times in an hour. Actually, 5X ACH is perfect for a big room.

On the other hand, you can use the advanced air purifier for big rooms. How? For example, your air purifier’s room coverage is 300 sq. ft. Now you want to use this air purifier in a 400 sq. room. So, you can do it perfectly. But, this time you will get 4X ACH or the air purifier will filter air 4 times in 400 sq. ft. room.

Motor and fan

The motor is the main source of power. And, a fan is joined with the motor. When the motor starts then the fan also rotates with the motor. That’s why the fan can capture poor quality air for filtering.

The Honeywell provides the best motor and fan in their air purifier. You have to search the deep information about the motor in every Honeywell air purifier review.

Again, the fan throws out the filtered air with high pressure. That’s why the clean air can reach every corner in your room.

Really, the Honeywell air purifiers are powerful for their motor.

Other Features and Structures

An air purifier has more stuff that are also important. At first, you need a durable and long-lasting air purifier. The Honeywell air purifiers are really durable and these will not get damaged easily. All the internal and external parts are strong. So, do not worry about the body or durability.

Some purifiers come with a control panel. You will control your air purifiers with the control panel. The power button, timer, fan speeds, and auto mode are included here. Besides, all devices are powered by electricity. They get electric energy with a cord.

If you love to buy a product with a warranty then you can buy any Honeywell air purifier from my list. Because the 10 products have a warranty of 5 years. 🙂