Wattage: 4W Super
Life: 10, 000hrs
Base: Mini Bi-Pin
Lamp Shape: T5
Glass: Clear
Quartz Glass UV Emission: 254nm Maximum
Overall Length: 6 Super Life Hours 10, 000hrs Germicidal lamps are clear with special UV transmitting glass. For use in sterilizers and air and water purifiers. This is an ultraviolet C ( 253.7 nm wavelength) bulb for use in sterilization, water and air purification and surface disinfection. Used in the Forming and Disinfection of Contact Lenses. Used in UV Sterilizers for Fish Aquariums and Ponds. Fixed wavelength spectrophotometer detector. Germicidal lamps allow 253.7 nm UV-C radiation from the mercury discharge to pass through the glass thus penetrating and inactivating the DNA of most micro-organisms. Compatible Equipments which use this
Lamp: Trident, Vectron, Tetra, Hozelock and Cipro, Jaycar, Jameco Premier T-12 Aquanetics Q4SPT, Q14IL Aqua
Star™ UV Portable Water Purifier, Aqua
Star Plus, 4W Portable Water Purifier DATARASE II ACT EPROM eraser CH Lighting F4T5/GL Global Hearing Aid Dehumidifier, Professional Conditioning System TRG-AA Ecoquest Fresh Air US70059 14-00013-002 B138 Edenpure Table Top Unit, Eden
PURE Air Clean, Eden PURE WGEP1000 Table Top Unit, WGEP-1000 Eden Pure G-7, G7 Air Filtration System Eprom Eraser ME5E, ME5, Model LER121A, LER-121A Forensic UV Lights, CUV100TS, 772SW, 772ADC, 774SW, 782UV, 785UV, 782ADC Fresh Air 1.5 Green
Air Air Purifier Hawaiian Marine Angstrom 2537 UV, Models AN-4S, AN-4SA Hybec Purifier System Kandolite G4T5 Unit Lab
Alliance Lab Alliance, HPLC Fixed Wavelength Detector Omnipure Pacific UV Systems, OPP-UV4W 1/2 GPM System PI-KEM KW-4AC UV Unit Purebrush Anti-bacterial Toothbrush purifier, Purebrush Ultra Violet Light Replacement Bulbs Raytech SW-4, LS-7, PP-S, PP-FS and M-FS, LS-2 UV Instrument Sankyo Denki Esencia Bio ESA-400 Toothbrush Sterilizer Spectroline PE-24T, PT-240T Spectronics BLE-2537S Therapure Thera Pure, PN TPG10004W, TPG1000-4W Turner Model 10A Fluorometer Universal Hot Towel Warmer Cabby, Cabi Hotcabi U. V. Sterilizer, Pro Hotcab UVP UVS-11, M-14, UVSL-25, UVG-11, UVGL-25 and UVG-4 Please do not copy any of the data on this page. All trademarks above, trade names or company names referenced herein are used for identification and reference purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.