What to expect from an air purifier for under $100?

Air PurifierEffectiveness

Like expensive purifiers, under $100 models are also usually effective. As long as you use it as instructed by the manufacturers, there is nothing preventing you from getting rid of your purification problems with one of these purifiers.

Smaller coverage area

This is a world where you can’t eat your cake and at the same time have it, so it’s very understandable that under 100 models are usually equipped with smaller coverage than their more expensive counterparts. If your intended area is larger than 300 square feet, consider getting a basement air purifier since they usually have a much larger coverage area.

However, while your under $100 model will most likely come with a small coverage area, usually ranging between 100 to 250 square feet, you can expect it to perform superbly when used within the recommended area. We can’t promise any effect when used in spaces larger than recommended though.


It’s almost like it’s a rule of thumb that cheap air purifiers should be designed to be compact in size. Most often than not, a cheap air purifier is likely to be compact and portable, which allows users to even take them along on trips. While compactness might be a contributing factor to their smaller coverage area, it is at the same time a benefit, a huge one at that.

Basic features

It’s also unsurprising that most under $100 air purifiers only come with basic features if you think about what we said earlier about the impossibility of eating your cake and still have it. Expensive purifiers are priced expensively for a reason, and while they might not necessarily edge cheaper ones on the performance front, they are usually packed with many convenience-improving features like timer, dirt sensor, and remote control. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of under $100 air purifiers.

Features to consider while choosing an air purifier

An air purifier is capable of improving the air quality in a home and reduce the effects of asthma, allergies, and various other lung-related diseases. There is a wide range of features to consider before buying an under $100 air purifier.

Cleaning levels

Air Purifier

You see different manufacturers always emphasizing on the number of cleaning levels on their purifiers during the advertisement, and that alone should tell you how important it is. The cleaning levels in air purifiers usually range from three to five, and should your own unit have only three cleaning levels, that means it utilizes filters only to cleanse the air. Purifiers that are equipped with four cleaning levels or more usually use filters along with other cleaning technologies such as a UV-C light and an ionizer.

Type of filters

Perhaps, this is the most critical element you must think about when shopping for the right cheap purifier for your needs. First of all, you must understand that purifiers don’t automatically clean the air. The air is run through a filter that is responsible for capturing dangerous particles, before discharging it back into the atmosphere. A True HEPA model is the most effective type of filter as it promises to get rid of 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants at least.

HEPA filters, however, aren’t as effective when it comes to things such as odors, gas molecules, OCs, and Formaldehyde, which calls for the need of activated charcoal air filters in conditions where the elimination of airborne chemicals, fumes, odors, and gaseous pollutants are required. Most companies even combine both, along with ionizers and UV filters for maximum result.

There are, however, filterless air purifiers on the market today. They use ionization and other technologies for cleaning the air and don’t need any filters to be ever replaced. This will save you money in the long run.

Fan speeds

The filters aren’t the only factor that affects an air purifier’s performance. The fan and their speeds have to be also considered. If you want your machine to perform according to the current air quality of your home, look for a unit that has an adjustable fan. With this feature, you will be able to adjust the fan according to the air quality of your home in a particular period. Models like the AeraMax 100 Air Purifier, the Hamilton Beach 04384, and the GermGuardian AC4825 come with three speed settings each.

CADR level

During your shopping for the most suitable air purifier for smoke, cigarette smell, pollen, dust, and odors, you may run into a rating called CADR, which represents Clear Air Delivery Rate. The CADR shows how thoroughly a purifier is capable of cleaning a specific sized room. Therefore, the higher the CADR rating of a unit, the more the efficiency of the unit at eliminating contaminants. The CADR rating can even be used to compare two dissimilar models to determine which model will work better.

Coverage area

Most purifiers are graded for effectiveness in specific room dimensions. Larger-sized models typically deliver larger coverage than smaller-sized ones, several models are even made in multiple sizes, and some of them are air purifiers for cars only. Before buying a particular model, measure your room’s square footage. Your failure to do so might cause you to buy an ineffective model. With its ability to cover up to 200 square feet, the AeraMax 100 Air Purifier has the most extensive coverage area on our list.


Air Purifier

It’s important to know a purifier’s dimensions as it will help you to calculate the storage space available and make adjustments required to accommodate it. Also, the dimensions will determine the portability of the unit, which is another reason you must look at the size of the unit, especially if you want to be taking your purifier on trips. For example, the Mooka Air Purifier is 7.5 inches long, 6.9 inches wide, and 6.9 inches long.


To determine how long your air purifier will probably last, take a look at its warranty terms and other incentives when it comes to replacement parts, after sale service, and labor. Each backed with a three-year warranty, the AeraMax 100 Air Purifier and the GermGuardian AC4825 have the most extended warranties on this list.

Extra features

Alongside regular features, purifiers also come equipped with additional features to improve their performances. The extra features can include digital controls for more accurate settings, filter change indicators, built-in ionizers, and timers that shut the machine off automatically after a specific time interval. For easy movability and optimum portability, some models even have caster wheels and handles.