Why Levoit?

Levoit is one of the most well regarded air purifier brands in the USA. The brand focuses on encouraging health and wellbeing with a carefully considered line of premium products. The Levoit team believes that a quality environment is crucial for rest and recovering after a long day.

Features to consider when choosing a Levoit air purifier

With such a comprehensive product line, it can be tricky to choose the right Levoit air purifier for your specific requirements. So, here we’ll explore some features to consider to help narrow down the options and help you to find the right model for your needs.

5 Superior Levoit Air Purifiers - Reviews and Buying Guide


The first factor to consider is the dimensions of the unit. Whether you want to use the unit in one specific room or move it around your home, a bulky and heavy unit can be problematic. If your floor space is limited, a large unit can also create issues, creating a trip hazard. Fortunately, many of the models on our best Levoit air purifier list feature compact designs to make them easier to fit in any home.

Type of filtration

Most of the Levoit air purifiers we’ve listed here feature three stage filtration. This is a pre filter, True HEPA filter and then an activated carbon filter that work seamlessly together to eliminate any airborne bacteria, allergens, odors, VOCs, smoke or mold spores from your home.

The pre filter is designed to remove any larger particles of debris such as hair, pet dander or dust. This type of filter typically requires very little maintenance and may simply need to be periodically cleaned, a few times a year.

True HEPA filters can eliminate particles down to 0.3 microns, which is the size of a dust mite. These types of filters can remove up to 99.97 percent of all airborne contaminants to drastically improve your indoor air quality.

Finally, activated carbon absorbs any odor causing molecules in your air. Activated carbon can also capture some gases, but this efficiency does mean that the filter needs to be replaced approximately four times a year, as they can quickly become saturated with contaminants.

Room size

Your room size is another important consideration when choosing an air purifier. All air purifiers have a maximum area coverage, which is the space that it can effectively treat. It is worth measuring the area you would like to treat to ensure that the unit you choose can manage this. Fortunately, Levoit air purifiers tend to have very impressive maximum area coverage. Even the small Vista 200 can cover up to 180 square feet, but if you want to treat multiple rooms or a large area you may find the Levoit LV-H134 better suited with its capacity of over 700 square feet.

5 Superior Levoit Air Purifiers - Reviews and Buying Guide


There are a few certification labels that can provide consumer confidence. The first is Energy Star. Since you’re likely to be running your air purifier around the clock, you need to have confidence that it is energy efficient. Energy Star certification requires that models are 40 percent more efficient compared to standard models.

Another certification to look for is the AHAM Verified seal. This indicates the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has performed testing on this model. This certification program is voluntary, but it does indicate product confidence.

Finally, the CADR certification reflects the cubic feet per minute volume of clean area the model will produce on its highest setting. For example, a model with a CADR of 250 can reduce the dust particles in your air to the same concentration as would be achieved if you added 250 cubic feet of clean air every minute. Higher CADR ratings indicate faster, more efficient air purification.


If you intend on using your air purifier in your bedroom while you sleep or in your living area, the noise level of each model can be an important consideration. Most Levoit models offer quiet operation, but there are some, such as the Core 300 that has a quiet mode to make it even more usable in sleeping areas.

You can also mitigate the noise of your air purifier by running the unit on high when you’re out of the room and turn it to a low setting when you are nearby.


As we’ve mentioned above, you’re likely to be running your air purifier for prolonged periods, so it is important to consider how much electricity it will use. The wattage of the unit is a good indicator of power consumption.

You can estimate the annual electricity cost by multiplying the wattage x kilowatt hours x 8760.

Generally, higher wattage devices will have more power to cover a larger area, but will use more electricity. So you will need to assess the ideal balance for your home.


Like with any household appliance, a warranty showcases the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. Levoit products are supported with a one year+ additional one year warranty.

Other features

There are also other features that can enhance the functionality of your new air purifier. This includes features such as carry handles, wheels, indicator lights, air quality sensors, washable pre filters and remote control capacity.