Why choose GermGuardian air purifier?

6 Outstanding GermGuardian Air Purifiers for Clean Air in Your House

GermGuardian is a reputable company that manufactures the best air purifiers in the market. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Air purifiers from GermGuardian are reasonably priced and they have a variety of options in size, design and price.
  • Owning a GermGuardian air purifier will ensure that you and your family breathes clean air throughout the year.
  • Air purifiers from GermGuardian are very effective in cleaning the air in your home from pollution and impurities that might cause allergies.
  • Air purifiers from GermGuardian are also effective in getting rid of dust in the air in your home, especially those with the HEPA filters hence reducing the time of cleaning your home.

How to use GermGuardian air purifiers

The GermGuardian air purifiers clean particles and dust out of the air as well as killing bacteria and viruses to ensure that the air you and your family breath is fresh and clean. These air purifiers are easy to use and understand.

Most of them come when they are fully assembled and ready for use, even the filters are already placed. You just need to plug it in, turn it on and choose a power setting that you desire.

To get good circulation of air across the whole room, most people put the GermGuardian air purifiers away from the wall while others put it in the middle of the room.

All the GermGuardian air purifiers will come with a manual that indicates the room size that it can be used in. always buy one that is recommended for your room size to ensure that all the particles, dust and other pollutants are removed from the air in your room.

Price range

When you are thinking of purchasing an air purifier, the first question that comes to mind is ‘how much does it cost?’ The truth is, there are a variety of GermGuardian air purifiers available for every budget. However, you need to make sure that the air purifier you purchase serves your needs.

Whether it is removing airborne bacteria, clearing smells, removing allergens or simply cleaning the air that you breathe. The GermGuardian air purifiers reviewed above have a price range of between $80 to $160.

Features to consider while buying the best GermGuardian air purifier

Before purchasing the best GermGuardian air purifier that satisfies your need, you need to consider the following features:


The warranty will ensure that you have security over your investment. Check the product manual to see whether the air purifier has a warranty or not. GermGuardian air purifiers have different warranties ranging from one year to five years, as seen with the GermGuardian AC5250PT.

Some GermGuardian air purifiers have a return policy for repairs in case a part of the air purifier is damage. You need to find out from the manufacturer what parts are covered and for how long so that you can return it when they are damaged.


6 Outstanding GermGuardian Air Purifiers for Clean Air in Your House

The most common type of filter used in GermGuardian air purifiers is the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air).  GermGuardian air purifiers with HEPA can filter up to 99.97% of pollutants and other particles in the air including animal dander, pollen, dust and mold spores.

If you suffer from allergies, ensure that the GermGuardian air purifier you purchase has a HEPA filter. However, if you want to get rid of odor in the air, find an air purifier with an activated carbon filter (ACF). Generally, ACFs with light mesh get rid of cooking odors while activated carbon pellets get rid of chemical and gaseous odors.

If you want to stay away from germs and bacteria, find a GermGuardian air purifier which has an antibacterial coating on the filters. For your filters to last longer, find a model with washable pre-filter that collects large particles and dust.


There are two standards for air purifiers that are taken seriously in the industry, they include AHAM (American) and China certification. Both of these certifications ensure a minimum standard of performance and quality of an air purifier.  Before purchasing a GermGuardian air purifier, check the type of certification it has.


6 Outstanding GermGuardian Air Purifiers for Clean Air in Your House

GermGuardian air purifiers come in different good designs and strong constructions. Some air purifiers such as the GermGuardian AC4820 are made of strong aluminum and plastic material that can serve you for a long period of time when well maintained. Some air purifiers have a stylish and classic speaker design which gives you an entertainment look. You can use these types of air purifiers to decorate your room and office while cleaning the air at the same time.

Convenience to use

The GermGuardian air purifiers that you purchase should be easy to use. The manual that comes with the air purifier should be easy to understand when you read it. It should clearly show how to turn on the air purify and operate other settings.

The manual should also show how to change the filters in the air purifiers and the changing process should also be easy. Cleaning the air purifier should be easy as well to ensure that it is well maintained to last longer and serve its purpose of cleaning the air.

Coverage area

This is the total area in which an air purifier can effectively clean using the CADR. Before purchasing a GermGuardian air purifier ensure that you check the CADR first. An air purifier with a higher CADR will cover a larger area while an air purifier with a smaller CADR will not be effective and efficient in a larger space. Therefore, make sure that you get area specifications of the space that you want the air to be purified.


When air purifiers are cleaning the air, they are generally noisy. But if you do not like noisy environments, then you should check the noise levels of the GermGuardian air purifiers you want beforehand. You can get this information online either through the company’s website or other customers’ reviews.

The ideal noise level for air purifiers is 35 decibels when the fan is operating at top speed. If the noise level is above 55 decibels, the air purifier will be noisy and it can be disturbing. Most GermGuardian air purifiers come with a sleep mode that reduces the noise levels at night when you want to sleep.

The GermGuardian AC4825 offers great value when it comes to having a quiet operating performance.


6 Outstanding GermGuardian Air Purifiers for Clean Air in Your House

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, which is how quickly and efficiently an air purifier works. CADR measures how many cubic feet of air a purifier can filter in one minute for the different categories such as smoke, dust and pollen. This means that your room size will affect the CADR rating of an air purifier.

For a 200 square foot room and below, the CADR must be at least 134 CMH. For a 450 square foot room, the value should be at least 300 CMH and for a room of up to 680 square foot, the CADR value should be at least 453 CMH. If your room is larger, the CADR should be higher than 500 CMH.

The GermGuardian AC5250PT has one of the strongest CADR ratings of the products reviewed in this article.

Apart from the CADR, you should also consider the ACH (Air Changes per Hour) before purchasing an air purifier. This is the number of times an air purifier can clean the air in its recommended coverage area in an hour. The ideal Air Changes Per Hour for an air purifier is 4.


Most GermGuardian air purifiers have the night mode that reduces the noise levels at night when you want to sleep. These purifiers also have fan speeds that are adjustable to your liking. You can increase the fan speed when you leave for work in the morning so that it can purifier the air much faster and then lower it back when you get home.