What benefits a whole house air purifier will bring to your health

A whole house air purifier can offer a lot of impressive benefits to your health and that of your family or other members of your household, including:

  • Asthma – If you, or anyone in your home, suffer from asthma, an air purifier can be a huge boost. The likes of dirt, dust, carbon monoxide, smoke, cosmetics, hairsprays, and mold spores can all trigger asthma attacks in the home. Air purifiers help to remove all these impurities.
  • Allergies – Air purifiers are also essential for those who suffer from allergies. Things like dust, pollen, pet hair, and more can float around in the air, being inhaled and triggering allergic reactions in those inside the home. An air purifier works to remove these allergens.
  • Smoke – If you have a smoker in the home and want to minimize their impact on other members of the family or visitors to the home, an air purifier with a HEPA filter, like the Coway Airmega 400 can work to rid the air of tobacco and cigarette smoke, protecting the respiratory systems of others.
  • Cleaner, Better Air – Whole house air purifiers can do a lot, ridding the air of many different pollutants, irritants, allergens, and undesirable elements. In short, they make the air cleaner for you to breathe, reducing your risks of a lot of different health problems from coughs and allergies all the way up to lung cancer.

Features to consider while choosing a whole house air purifier

If you’re thinking about buying a whole house air purifier, you need to take the time to do your research. There are various features to think about when considering which purifier to buy, and it’s vital to think about which of these features matter to you the most in order to find a product that fits all of your requirements.


Whole house air purifiers tend to come in two main categories: portable and central.

The central units have to be installed in a certain spot, while the portable whole house air purifiers can be moved around and placed in different areas, able to treat the air in your home in a more flexible way.

Many people choose portable whole house air purifiers, like the Airpura R600, due to their more convenient and versatile nature, but central units can be just as effective.

Square footage

This is one of the most important factors to think about. If you’re taking the time to invest in a whole house air purifier, it’s surely because you want your entire home to enjoy the benefits of clean air. This means you won’t want to waste money on a device that isn’t strong enough to handle the entire size of your property. Some whole house air purifiers are much more effective than others, able to handle higher amounts of square footage. The Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA, for example, can cover a space of 3,600 square feet.

Filter type

6 Best Whole House Air Purifiers - Reviews and Buying Guide

There are many different filter types that can be used in whole house air purifiers. One of the most common types of filter is the HEPA filter. These are also some of the best filters around. You can see HEPA filters in the Medify MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13, for example. You can also see activated carbon filters in some whole house air purifiers. The carbon in these filters works to trap odors and gases, helping to clean up the air even more and making your home smell fresher and cleaner. There are UV light filters too, which work by killing microbes and even viruses, as well as ionizers and ozone generators that work to trap particles but can also pose risks to those with respiratory problems.

Cleaning stages

Each whole house air purifier has its own set of cleaning stages. Some will feature more stages than others. The Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA, for example, has a 4-stage cleaning process, while other models only offer one stage of cleaning. The number of stages isn’t always the most important thing, as the efficiency and effectiveness of each stage is what matters the most, but having additional stages is always a nice bonus.


The size of your whole house air purifier will be an important factor to think about for many people. These devices can be quite sizeable and take up a lot of space, and they can sometimes be quite heavy and hard to move around too, which can be difficult for those who want to get the full benefits of a portable whole house air purifier in a larger home. Some models are quite compact and lightweight, like the Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA, making them easier to manoeuvre around the house.


If you’re investing in something as important as a whole house air purifier, having the peace of mind that comes from a good warranty can make a big difference.

It’s always good to know that you’re covered in case of any unexpected faults or failures, but not every manufacturer offers the same standard of warranty.

The Medify MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13 is one of the best whole house air purifiers you can choose in this respect, as it comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your purifier will always be protected in case of any unforeseen issues.

Extra features

6 Best Whole House Air Purifiers - Reviews and Buying Guide

Sometimes, whole house air purifiers come along with some extra features and bonuses that can make them even more functional and versatile. They might feature a UV light, like the Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA for example, which helps to kill bacteria and other microbes in the air, while some of the Green Air models are even ionic air purifiers. They can also come with timer settings, as seen on the Coway Airmega 400, making them easier to use and giving you more precise control over their functionality. Some, like the Medify MA-112 Medical Grade True HEPA H13, can even come with features like sleep modes and child locks.

How to maintain a whole house air purifier

If you buy a whole house air purifier, you need to know how to look after so you don’t have to worry about getting it repaired or replaced in the future. If you choose a central device, like the Aprilaire 2410 Whole-Home Air Cleaner, you won’t have to worry too much about maintenance, as they tend to stay clean and functional without any problems. Portable purifiers require a little more care and will need to be cleaned now and then, depending on where you place them, but they aren’t too demanding. The main thing is to ensure that you change the filters on a regular basis. Most air purifiers come with indicators to let you know when to change the filter,