The compact unit can be wall, ceiling, shelf or desktop mounted and just requires a standard mains point.  By being able to locate it nearby to staff, patients & clients, rather than in the corner of a room, ensures a more effective and RAPID removal of airborne aerosol droplets.


To meet the recommended six air changes per hour (ACH) required for a Hospital Ward*, Aura Air will filter 25m2 in a normal 2.4m high room, (60m3) at full power – that’s a CADR of 206CFM (350m3/hour) better than many, much larger, floor standing units. For homes and offices the recommendation is an ACH of 2.5x, equating to 60m2 in a normal 2.4m high room at full power.


The Aura Air Filter system accurately measures and displays seven important aspects of air quality every 10 seconds displayable on a Smart Phone or Tablet.  It displays the following, as both real-time measurements and weekly graphs: the levels of PM2.5 & PM10 size particulates in the air, (relevant to the size range of the aerosol droplets known to carry the coronavirus), as well as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds such as car emission fumes), Humidity, Temperature, CO and CO2 levels.  Finally it produces a real-time calculation of the industry accepted summary index of Air Quality – the AQI.


Smart Filter technology, that monitors and automatically reacts to critical air quality conditions without requiring user intervention

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Destroys Viruses

Kills BActeria

Removes Odours

Destroys MoulD