Control your ride! Helix’s Air Genie Air Bag Suspension Digital Controller Unit gives your complete control over your air bag suspension system. Featuring fully programmable settings and up to 2 user-defined presets, as well as built-in relay technology to control your air compressor, The Air Genie gives you total management of your air bag system. Control each individual air bag, front and back separately, or all four bags at once! Viewing and adjusting your settings is a breeze thanks to the unit’s large LCD screen, which features backlit illumination for easy operation at night! All Air Genie Systems come with detailed instructions and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.AirLift, Dakota Digital, and AirRide Technologies all make digital air bag control units, but they don’t even begin to compare to the AirGenie.Those units all only have THREE valve times programmed in. This makes your air suspension jerk around as the unit "hunts" for the correct ride height. That’s not cool.Unlike these lesser kits with only 3 valve times, (short, medium, long) the AirGenie has 100 VALVE TIMES, which makes the kit operate in a smooth, precise way.Think about it like this: With the other digital controls, when you only have 3 valve times (short medium, long) it’s like trying to make change out of pennies, dimes, and quarters. If your at ride height 0 and you want to go to ride height 68, you’d have to use 2 Quarters (long) 1 dime (medium) and 8 pennies (short).This means your vehicle is jerking all over the place as the valves open and close 11 times, trying to get to that perfect height. Kind of takers the fun out of an "easy" digital system.With the AirGenie’s 100 different valve times, you vehicle makes one smooth motion, from 0 straight to 68. Bam. Done. One smooth motion. No jerking or hunting.Not only does the AirGenie operate a lot smoother than the kits from the other companies, but it also has a lot more features.ALARM COMPATIBILITY: The AirGenie has an input that will accept a signal from any factory or after-market alarm that will completely disable the air suspension until the alarm is disarmed. This means even if someone disables your alarm, you air suspension will remain completely disabled until the AirGenie "hears from" the alarm again. This is the ULTIMATE in security. What other companies have the alarm feature? Dakota Digital? NOPE. AirLift? NOPE. AirRide? NOPE. Only the AirGenie.REMOTE CONTROL: The AirGenie works with Helix’s remote systems to give you remote control and remote input options. What does this mean? For one, it means you can activate your ride heigth presets with the touch of a button on your remote control. (Disarm the alarm, raise up the vehicle, and start the engine, all at the push of a button? YOU BET!) Do any of the other companies offer this? NOPE.REMOTE INPUT: The AirGenie is also the ONLY controller that accepts REMOTE INPUTS. This means that you can operate you air suspension with external buttons or switches. If your going for that old-school look, you can mount the AirGenie remotely (glove box, trunk, etc) and control your suspension through whatever type of switch or button you want to use. It’s also compatible with the newer computerized stereo decks that have built-in outputs.JUST SAY NO TO JERKY AIR BAG SYSTEMS! UPGRADE TO THE AIRGenie TODAY!!!Don’t forget your Air Pressure Sensors! Feature: Air Ride Control System Feature: 2 Presets Feature: LCD Screen Feature: Backlit Illumination Feature: Alarm Input Feature: Remote Control Feature: Remote Inputs Feature: Detailed Instructions Feature: Limited Lifetime Warranty Feature: Toll Free Tech Support Related Item Number: HEXAIR2000