Fresh Produce Instruments supplies a complete surface and air biosecurity solution for European businesses combatting COVID-19 with ClensAir™.

Manufactured by Aguair, the patent-pending air purifier, ClensAir™, is a unique 6-stage technology that has been tested in-vitro by two independent, internationally acclaimed research laboratories to remove 99.90% of a viral simulant for COVID-19, Influenza, SARS and MERS, 99.97% of MRSA and hospital-acquired nosocomial bacteria, and 99.51% of Anthrax causing bacteria. ClensAir™ uses a proprietary multi-stage technology to continuously ‘annihilate’ airborne viruses and bacteria, permanently destroying them and reducing the total pathogen load in the environment. In contrast, traditional air purifiers that use HEPA filters trap pathogens, allowing viruses, bacteria, and mold spores to remain viable within the system, posing a threat for re-exposure.

ClensAir™ technology was initially designed for postharvest preservation within ripening rooms, distribution centers, and fresh produce retailers. However, the technology can be extended to all indoor environments including schools, waiting rooms, airports, hotels, athletic facilities, public restrooms, offices, ambulances, cruise ships, public transportation, and airplanes. Fresh Produce Instruments serves as the European source of quality improvement instrumentation for fresh produce. During this pandemic, the company wants to spread awareness about ClensAir™ technology to ensure the safety and well-being of the country they serve.

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