Clair for healthy air quality in your living and sleeping environment

Enjoy fresh air all day long with this compact square shaped air purifier Clair CUBE BU1933 designed for small to medium-sized covered areas, near the bed or your desk. Attractive and lightweight design in white and black colors that would fit any room and refresh your space. Extremely low power consumption (max. 6W at highest level) with little impact on your electricity bill. Easy to operate with just two buttons and supporting 3 levels of operation (low, normal and high).

MAF technology

Clair Cube air purifiers use MAF (Magnetic Air Filtration) technology, which revolutionizes the air purification industry by combining a plasma ionizer and e2f filters patented in Europe. In the charge section, the pollutants are charged with (+, -) polarity, and in the capture section, these particles are trapped between the filters by electrostatic attraction. This process captures not only viruses, pollen, bacteria and VOCs, but also ultra-fine particulates with a diameter of less than 0.1 micron. The e2f filter can maintain the optimum condition by removing dust accumulated on the surface every month with a vacuum cleaner, and the recommended replacement period is 12 months.

Purple – blue LED sterilizer

Unlike conventional UV lamps, Clair CUBE air purifier uses a direct bactericidal method of violet blue light which is harmless to humans and has excellent antibacterial capabilities. It helps to maintain the e2f filter for longer by sterilizing and removing various pollutants on the filter surface. LED light can also be used as a mood light in dark areas.

Air purifiers are ideal helpers to improve the microclimate in your home or office. Clair CUBE removes harmful gases such as CO, exhaust (NOx, SOx) formaldehyde, as well as up to 99.97% of fine dust, mold, mildew, fungi, allergens and viruses, making it an indispensable helper for maintaining a healthy home environment conditions, especially for people with respiratory problems and allergies, pregnant women, children and babies. Enjoy safe purified air with the innovative Clair purifiers. Made in South Korea.

Home Air Purifier Clair CUBE

  • model – BU1933;
  • supply voltage – 100 to 230 VAC;
  • power consumption – 2W – 6W;
  • purification filter – E2F;
  • LED sterilizer;
  • Plasma ioniser ON/OFF;
  • housing material – ABS/PP (plastic);
  • filter life – up to 12 months;
  • operating modes – 3 levels (low, medium, high);
  • dimensions – 174 x 174 x 147 mm;
  • housing color – white / black;
  • coverage area – CADR 55 m3/h (for 10-15m2 rooms);
  • noise level – 14 dB/ 40 dB.

Important information

  • Clair air purifiers do not change the need for fresh air for indoor areas!
  • The appliance is suitable for indoor use only. Do not use the device outdoors!
  • The appliance is suitable for home use only. Do not use the device for commercial purposes.
  • Do not use the unit in high humidity areas and rooms such as bathrooms and swimming pools.
  • Do not use the appliance near baths, showers, pools or other containers containing water.
  • Do not use the appliance in premises where aerosol products (sprays) are used or where oxygen is used.
  • Do not use a timer or a separate remote control that automatically turns on the unit.
  • Do not cover the device.
  • Place the unit on a stable, level surface before turning it on and using it.
  • Keep the device away from flammable objects and children.

Cleaning and maintenance of e2f filter


• Before cleaning or changing the e2F filter, always unplug the appliance by removing the plug from the socket and wait for the appliance to cool down completely.

• Do not use water or solvents for cleaning the e2f filter and the main body.

• Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself if it is damaged. If the appliance does not work properly, consult your local distributor or an authorized service center.

• Never immerse the unit in water or other liquids.

• Clean the outside of the appliance with a soft, damp cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the filter.

• Clean the ventilation openings with a soft brush.

Additional information

  • Package contains – Clair-BU1933 Air Purifier x1, Clair-BU1933 Air Filter x1, AC Adapter x1, Product Manual x1
  • Read the manual before use.