World’s Best Smokeless Ashtray

World’s Best Smokeless Ashtray Details

The Smokeless Japanese Ashtray Helps Clear the Air of Smoke and Odors!
This Listing Includes: Smokeless Ashtray with 2 Active Carbon Filters + 6 Extra Filters (8 Total Filters)
Ashtray: Made of Melamine/Phenolic / Cover: Made of Melamine/Phenolic
Helps reduce the threat of secondhand smoke!
Requires Two ‘C’ batteries. (‘UM-2’ – ‘C’ Battery) Not Included

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World’s Best Smokeless Ashtray Descriptions

The Smokeless Ashtray uses innovative Japanese technology patent design and style. It has a built-in fan, which literally draws in the smoke through two non-reusable carbon filtration system. It eliminates odors by passing all fumes and smoke through an active charcoal filter. Its unique design and compact powerful motor allow for maximum smoke to be consumed and is deadly quiet. The Smokeless Ashtray is designed to be easily disassemble and reassemble for quick and easy installation of batteries and filters located at the rim of the unit. This Ashtray requires Two ‘C’ batteries. (‘UM-2’ – ‘C’ Battery) Not Included. Is perfect for eliminating 2nd hand smoke and stench out of the fresh air, home furniture, office environment, clothes, pets, and non-smokers!

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