Is it Safe to run Air Purifier 24×7?

Development doesn’t only mean hi-fi infrastructure, corporate life, technology growth. It also means that the number of allergic diseases increases gradually and rapidly. We need to filter the air we are breathing.

Indirectly, people, who are habituated to live in urban areas are more likely prone to allergic diseases.

Fortunately, to protect ourself from these type of allergic disease, air purifier stands first in eliminating contaminant from the air. As we always surrounded by a number of airborne particles, an air purifier will be always needed.

But, Is it safe to run Air Purifier 24×7? Yes, it is quite safe to run an air purifier all day long. In order to run an air purifier, it needs to have some basic limitations. We must look into the best brand, filter condition, type of filter, size of the room, surface cleaning.

Hoping that you are here to explore these limitations, Aren’t you? So, check out the limitation when to use an air purifier and when to not by scrolling down.

Is it safe to run air purifier Is it Safe to run Air Purifier 24x7 using air filter

Is it Safe to run Air Purifier 24×7, Limitations?

As said earlier, an air purifier can run only it qualifies some of the limitations because these will let the air purifier to run long without any damage.

Best brand

The brand of an air purifier is the first thing to consider if you want to run an air purifier all day long. Some of the fake brands will never let the air purifier work efficiently even though they mentioned as the best for the day-long run.

These fake brands provide an air purifier with cheap quality of filters, housing, and fan motors in it which will get damaged if they are run for continuous day long.

Filter condition

As filters play a key role in air purifiers the best type of filters needs to be used for long run usage. If you brought a second-hand model then always recommended to check for the filter condition.

Because second-hand air purifiers might consist of worn out filters and even damage also which has no use when used all day long. So, it’s better, not to go for the second-hand model if you want to run the purifier all day long.

Type of filter

The model of an air purifier is depended on the type of air filters used in it. Similarly, the usage of the air purifier also depends on the type of standard filter used in it. Among the different type of purifier filters, HEPA and Photo Catalyst Oxidation filters are used for the all-day use air purifier.

HEPA filters:

This is a high-efficiency filter used in the maximum removal of dirt, allergens, and contaminants in the air. HEPA(High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter trap the contaminants which are in the range of 0.1 microns. HEPA filter along with activated carbon filter will remove the odor-causing particles also.

Photo Catalyst Oxidation filters

This another super-efficient filter that kills the germs, pollutants, airborne which passes through it instead of trapping. The working process of the PhotoCatalyst Oxidation filter is by spreading a wide range of UV light spectrum on the titanium dioxide which acts as a catalyst and kills the germs, pollutants which pass through it that sized of 0.001 microns.

So, choose the air purifier which has these type of filters in it, if you want to run it all day long.

Size of the room

The polluted air in the room get increases when the area of room increases, isn’t it? In order to remove all the pollutants in the air purifier need to work more efficiently to clean up the room from dust particles. If you have a large room then there will be no use if you run an air purifier all day long. So, in this case, try to maintain a number of air purifiers based on your area. Ideally, an air purifier will clean the area of 323 square feet within 15 minutes. It is better to calculate the area of the room before running it all day long.

Surface cleaning

Even though used to clean the air inside the room, it cannot work effectively when there is a presence of dust residue on the carpets, sheets…etc which again recirculate in the air without getting filtered by an air purifier. The presence of molds will increase the number of bacteria, germs number, so cleaning/vacuuming the surfaces will remove the maximum amount of allergens from the air.

Doors and Windows Opening

In order to make it run all day long, there must be a lot of purification work that burdens the air purifier. By opening the door and windows in the case of sudden smoke, burnt smell, will minimize the pollutants in the air and also lessens the work of purification in an air purifier. This makes the purifier work more efficiently further a long time without damaging it.

Advanced Features of air purifier

There is some purifier in the market that can actually sense the number of pollutants in the air and stops its purification by using a smart sensor. The smart air purifier will reduce the energy consumed by it by an automatic switch on/off of purification. An air purifier also has some features like sleep, eco, a timer which can actually reduce the running time by setting the required time of purification.


I can hereby conclude with a small myth about air purifiers, that continuous usage of air purifiers will increase the energy bill by consuming more energy. In general, it all depends on the type of filter used in it and designed to work all day long by using less amount of energy as simple as a refrigerator at home. So, run your air filters by following the above-mentioned limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity? No, the energy consumption of an air purifier depends on its type. And it does not impact much on your regular electricity bill.

Q) How do I know if I need an air purifier? It is obvious that, if you find any symptoms of frequent allergies, breathing problems, bad odors, dust…etc

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