Investing in an air purifier has made a tremendous difference in our lives. Based on our experience, we learned that there are key differences between air purifiers. Some are far more effective at cleaning the air, giving you a higher return on your investment.

Our top seven recommendations for air purifiers available in Malaysia are listed below.

1.  The FPJ30LB Room Air Purifier By Sharp

Energy Efficient

This Sharp air purifier does a great job of getting rid of airborne pathogens such as viruses and microbes. Even though this device uses cutting-edge technology, it is easy to operate.

Why buy this

  • Advanced plasmacluster ions that minimize odours and some types of airborne germs
  • The ability to adjust the speed of the fan
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • A special setting for haze mode
  • A small footprint

Thanks to its energy-efficient design, you can leave this air purifier on at night while you are sleeping without dramatically increasing your power bill. You can get a discount on the Sharp air purifier here.

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2. The 3L Deerma F370 Ultrasonic Home Air Purifier And Aromatherapy Diffuser

Best for Small Spaces

This air purifier has a 3L tank, which allows it to run much longer than many other air purifiers. Thanks to its long runtime, you can even leave it on during the night while you are asleep.

Why buy this

  • Safe for infants, young children, and pregnant women
  • Nanosilver air purification technology
  • Adjustable mist volume
  • An ultrasonic sealing base

This air purifier has a small footprint, making it a good choice for tight spaces. It also has a sleek, sophisticated look. You can get a great deal on it here.

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3.  The Air Purifier Pro by Xiaomi

Best for Large Homes

This model from XiaoMi is highly recommended for large homes or open spaces. It is capable of cleaning the air in areas measuring up to 48 m². They guarantee that it will circulate clean, fresh air to every part of the space.

Why buy this

  • A special four-duct system for better air circulation
  • A triple-layer filter
  • Three adjustable speed settings
  • A PM 2.5 sensor

This air purifier also comes with built-in smart features. This makes it possible to keep tabs on your air quality using your smartphone or any other connected device. You can pick up your own model here.

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4. The Smart Air Purifier 2S By Xiaomi

Smartphone Controlled

Xiaomi has recently begun producing air purifiers. Like all of their products, they have added their own technological innovations to the design. One model that they provide is extremely compact, making it one of the smallest currently available.

Why buy this

  • Whole-room air purification in as little as 10 minutes
  • A 360° triple-layer filter
  • High air temperature

Thanks to the smart technology incorporated into the design, you can keep track of the air quality in your home with your smartphone or another connected device. These models are quite famous and are selling out quickly. Grab one here before they are gone.

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5. The Mi Car Air Purifier With Car Charger By Xiaomi

Best for Vehicles

Poor air quality isn’t limited to indoor spaces – it also can be found in your vehicle. Having an air purifier in your car can make the air much cleaner and healthier to breathe

Why buy this

  • A compact, multifunctional design
  • A special car charger
  • Practically silent to operate
  • Deodorizes the air in your vehicle

Adding one of these accessories to your car is the best way to ensure that you are breathing healthy air every time you drive. Get one here today before they all sell out.

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6.  The 800 Series AC0820/30 Portable Air Purifier By Philips

Intelligent Design

At first, this might seem like a standard diffuser. As it turns out, however, it is one of the most effective air purifiers currently available.

Why buy this

  • An intelligent design that automatically purifies the air
  • Monitoring of air quality with built-in light indicators
  • Removal of ultrafine particles
  • Settings available for three different modes

Keep indoor air pollution at bay by using this portable air purifier in your home. Thanks to its design, you can quickly move it around your house, allowing you to clean the air in every room. You can get this Philips air purifier at a discounted price here.

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7. The Watering Air Purifier Aromatherapy Diffuser By REDBUZZ

Combines Air Purifier and Aroma Therapy

This device combines an air purifier and an aromatherapy diffuser into a single unit. We love this concept. Not only does it clean the air, but it also makes it possible to create a relaxing space by diffusing essential oils.

Why buy this

  • Free essential oils included with your purchase
  • Cleans and refreshes the air at the same time
  • A long operating time thanks to its high capacity

The manufacturer recommends using filtered water to ensure that the mist quality is consistent. You can take advantage of the current deal they are running on this air purifier here.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing the Best Air Purifier in Malaysia

One thing to think about before you buy an air purifier is how much space you have available. Today, you can find air purifiers in many different sizes. That means you should be able to find one that will fit perfectly into your space.

In many cases, an air purifier’s size doesn’t have any impact on its efficiency. Whichever model you choose, make sure that it is well suited to your space and that it fits in your budget.

You also need to think about whether or not you want an air purifier that has a built-in aroma diffuser. These models are extremely popular today. In some cases, however, people prefer not to diffuse aroma when they are purifying the air.

The Top Reasons To Buy An Air Cleaner & Purifier

When it comes to electronic appliances, air purifiers are a good investment. Even though you may need to spend a little bit of money to get a high-quality device, the investment is worthwhile. Devices like these do a great job of cleaning and purifying the air. Best of all, they do it automatically, which is essential with how busy life is these days.

Investing in an air purifier is particularly important for anyone who has a new baby. It is important to make sure that the baby has clean air to breathe when they are moving from the nursery at the hospital into their home.

The vast majority of air purifiers are extremely energy-efficient. That means that they usually won’t increase your monthly electrical bill, even if you leave them on during the night.

To recap, these are the top air purifiers that we recommend:

  1. The FPJ30LB Air Purifier By Sharp
  2. The 3L F370 Ultrasonic Air Purifier And Aromatherapy Diffuser By Deerma
  3. The Smart 2S Air Purifier By Xiaomi

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What is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers cleans and purifies the air around the room, which is very important especially if you have a baby in the house.

How do I choose an air purifier? 🙂

Consider the space you have in the room and it fits your budget. You can also choose if you want a built-in aroma diffuser or not.

How much does an air purifier cost?

The price usually starts at RM200-300 onwards