US Embassy Imported.

Canadian brand (Bionaire) Air Purifier .


Air Purifier with permanent filter.

Long life filtration system which removes upto 99 per cent of indoor airbourne particles.

Four cleaning levels and ideal for large sized rooms.

Independently controlled ioniser.

Air Purifiers help to provide a pure and comfortable environment for you and your family. They effectively remove common airborne contaminates like dust, pollen, mould and pet dander from air passing through the filter.

The Bionaire BAP1700 Air Purifier is ideal for purifying rooms up to 34 square metres and features an air particle sensor automatically selects the cleaning level. It features a pearly white finish and includes two permanent HEPA-type filters that never need to be replaced. Simply vacuum them regularly for optimum use. The air particle sensor automatically selects the cleaning level by using a light scattering method, which measures the distance between the sensor, the laser light source and the particles. If anything interrupts the sensor and light source then the air purifier identifies them as particles and automatically adjusts the speed for optimal filtration. This will ensure that you always have clean fresh air whether your home is packed with airborne allergens or there are only a few floating around.

Other features include a washable pre-filter, 8 hour timer, quiet operation for use at night, four speed settings, LED filter indicator and manual direction control for convenience.

Built-in air quality sensor

Three speed settings

TIMER.. 2,4,8 hrs.

IONIZER remove dust particles and bad smell.

Clean Air Delivery Rate: 185m3/h

Sound Level: 56 db

The best air purifier in the world.

Space Saving beautiful Tower Design.

Ideal for Pakistan poor air quality environment.

Good for allergy sufferers.

Serious buyers only.