At this age of days, air pollution is at its worst state.

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged the government to develop a plan to improve the air quality in the country. It ranked 3rd worst in the world, China being first and Mongolia being the second.

But do not just stand there and do nothing about it as well. You can help by conserving energy. Use ENERGY STAR labeled equipment. Use public transportation or walk whenever possible. Avoid unnecessary shopping and start recycling. Do not burn garbage and segregate them properly. Use environmentally friendly chemicals.

If air pollution is causing your health problems, you can invest in an Air purifier.

An Air purifier is a piece of equipment with a lodge filter and a fan in it. What it does is that it pulls air in it that is polluted, pushes it through the filter and then a clean air comes on the other side. Some air filters capture gases, including tobacco and cigarette smoke, household fumes, pollutants, benzene, ammonia, and even formaldehyde.

The air around us is full of tiny little specs called particulates. Super small that they are measured in microns and is not visible to the eyes so having one will make a whole lot of difference.
It can be used all year round and can also act as a cooler and a heater. It can reduce triggers of asthma attacks, eliminate allergens like dust and pet dander, extracts airborne asbestos particles, reduces chances of mesothelioma development, reduces carbon dioxide levels, diminishes volatile organic compound (VOC) which lowers risk of developing leukemia and lymphoma, expel insects such as mosquitoes which prevents malaria infection, lessens contamination especially if someone is sick, protects children and the elderly from respiratory diseases, and reduces stress and enhances good mood.

Since Air purifiers come in different variations, it will help you narrow down the choices by considering the following.

1. Determine why you needed one

Is it because you have an allergy, or you want to get read of unpleasant odor at home?

2. The size and capacity

Do you want a small, medium or large sized/capable purifier?

3. The weight

The bigger it is, the heavier and gets which can affect the convenience of cleaning it.

4. The budget

The market has a lot of options from the budget, mid-range, all the way to the high-priced ones.

5. Maintenance

Do you have to clean often and change the filter?

6. Noise

Is the noise too disturbing that it can interrupt your sleeping?

7. HEPA filter

If it has a HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filter.

8. Option

Does it have added bonus features like a remote controller or speed option?

If you cannot afford an air purifier just yet, make sure that if you cook the vent hood is on or open a window so the smoke and air go outside. Or simply clean using very mild chemicals such as white vinegar and water. The vacuum that you have must help clean the air too. If your vacuum does not have HEPA filter, it will blow the particulates again into the air will help you breathe easier.

Apr 25, 2019