car air purifier • power consumption 4 W • air output 40 m³ / hour • HEPA filter • dimensions 150 × 83 mm • charging: car lighter or adapter • 2 fan speeds

Rohnson R-9100 CAR Air Purifier

Did you know that while driving, we are exposed to many harmful substances that adversely affect our health? Dust, pollen particles, bacteria, viruses and exhaust gases enter the interior, which conventional cabin filters cannot handle. An air purifier Rohnson R-9100 CAR Air Purifier effectively eliminates harmful particles, unpleasant odors and allergens, and thus creates an environment suitable for asthmatics.

Key properties:

  • compact design designed to the car
  • charging via car lighter or adapter
  • effectively eliminates harmful particles, unpleasant odors a allergens
  • effective HEPA filter, thanks to which the device will appreciate i allergic
  • great performance when cleaned up in an hour 40 m3 vzduchu

You can also be protected from viruses, allergens and other dangers in the car!

Attractive performance

The main advantage model R-9100 is his performance, in an hour cleans up to 40 m3 of air. Thanks for the effective HEPA filter while doing so removes up to 99.97% of airborne dust (PM 2.5 = particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers). You can choose between as needed 2 speeds fan.

Ionization function

You will also appreciate it during your travels ionization function, which enriches the air with negative ions, cleans the area of ​​dust and bacteria and improves the overall air quality, which helps with fatigue and refreshes the mind.

Elegant and compact

R-9100 CAR Air Purifier zaujme elegant and compact design + very easy to use using one button on the top panel. You can easily connect the cleaner to a car lighter and, thanks to its ingenious shape, you can place it in a space for a drink, for example.