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A pollutant-free home environment

Breathing is basic to life, but pollutants can make it a health-hazard. From dust and dirt to insects and odors, pollutants can turn your home into a breeding ground for disease or perennial allergies.

Ensure your family’s respiratory health with Tylr Air Purifier. Its powerful dense H11 filtration system removes 95% of airborne impurities, while its built-in UV-C lamp is extremely effective at killing germs. A carbon filter neutralizes offensive smells – so you and your family can breathe easy.


  • 4 Stage of air purification
  • Korea True HEPA H11 filter with dense filtration technology (Made in Korea)
  • UV-C lamp safely kills germs, viruses, bacteria and mold
  • Magnet lock easily attaches the panel with unit body
  • Powerful motor and large fan with silent operation
  • Soft touch panel
  • Ideal for room size 20-30m²
  • Filter replacement indicator notifies you when filter needs changing
  • 3 speeds settings
  • Timer: up to 8 hrs
  • European compact design
  • Hidden handle for convenient transportation

4 Stage Air Purification System Process

  1. Washable pre-filter: Captures large particles (hair, large dust particles) to extend the life of air purifier filters.
  2. True HEPA H11 filter: Eliminates particles down to 0.3 μm up to 95%; traps germs in the air; Eliminates indoor dust/smoke circularly in a room.
  3. High quality carbon filter: Absorbs formaldehyde, benzene and other noxious gas. Eliminates all smoke in a 1m3 testing room within 1 hour.
  4. UVC light eliminates germs by 99%, with US ITS test report. Destroys gaseous pollutants by converting them into harmless with UVC light and a catalyst (Tio2).