The Airdog X5 is a sleek alternative to traditional air purifying with its updated technology and washable main filter. Easily see your air quality in real time with color-coded digital display. The Airdog is packed with features and purifies rooms up to 300 square feet in just 20 minutes.

Top Airdog X5 Air Purifier Features

  • Automatic Air Quality: An indoor air particle sensor senses the air in your room and automatically adjusts the speed based on what it reads.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Download the app and control this air purifier from anywhere. You can turn the unit on or off when you’re heading home or make setting changes from anywhere.
  • Color Indicators: Real-time monitoring means the X5 adjusts as needed. A simple glimpse at your model allows you to see the current state of your room’s air. Green is excellent, light yellow is good, yellow is moderately polluted, and red is hazardous air conditions.
  • Air Quality Index: Calculated by the amount of particles the sensors detect in the air. The lower the number, the healthier the air is for you and your family. This number displays largely on the front of the unit and ranges from 0 to 500. It shows you how much particulate matter is in the air.
  • Compact Tower Air Purifier: While many are intrusive to your air purifiers, this slight tower model fits in any room. It stands at 22.5 x 10.7 x 10.7 inches.

Allergen and Dust Filtration

Unlike most air purifier filters, the Airdog X5 features a washable and reusable main filter. Its patented filtration system is designed to remove 99.99% of bacteria, influenza, formaldehyde and other harmful elements from the air.

Dirty air enters the unit from the sides at the bottom, and then fresh air is released from the top. Air first encounters the pre-filter screen to remove large hair, dust and pet dander as it enters the unit.

Then air moves through the ionizer (called generator wires) to kill bacteria and germs. Then air enters the collecting plates that trap pollen and other impurities on the fins. These heavy-duty but dishwasher-safe plates can easily be cleaned, saving you from expensive replacement filters. Lastly, the composite carbon filter removes any unwanted odors.

Simple Top Control Board

  • Power: Turn the unit on or off with the large button or using the remote control.
  • Four Fan Speeds: Set your desired fan speed based on your room’s air quality needs. Choose between slow, medium, fast, or Turbo.
  • Automatic Mode: It adjusts its speed according to the current air quality level. It’s the most energy efficient mode since it only uses as much power as needed.
  • Child Lock: Turn on child lock to save your current settings. This makes the air purifier only to be worked by remote control or app.
  • Sleep Mode: In this mode, it turns on the lowest fan speed for quiet operation. The lights are also turned off in this mode.
  • Easy to Use: In addition to washable main filters, this model is simple to use and set up. The back panel easily pops off, and then each filter slides out for cleaning or maintenance.