Below are some of the common air purifier, air cleaner, and other air filtration questions you might have. If you don’t find an answer to your question please contact us and we will promptly assist you.

Q. How will I know when my item(s) have been shipped?

A. We provide an email notifying you of shipment with a tracking number, so you can track the status by clicking the link. You can also vist the UPS or FedEx site directly to track using the tracking number we provide.

Q. Are all products on this site available in all countries?

A. No.  Currently Boneco and Airfree are only available in the USA.

Q. Is free shipping and sales/discount coupons available to all countries.

A. No. Sales/Discount Coupons & Free shipping are only available in the lower 48 states of the USA and Canada, unless otherwise noted. Shipping to countries outside of Canada and the lower USA’s 48 states will be calculated and confirmed with you before finalizing transaction.

Q. Whom do I contact if I need assistance?
You have a few options. Please see our “Contact Us” page for all phone and email contact information.

Q. What is our return policy?
Please see our “Shipping & Returns” page.

Q. How safe is my personal  information when I place an order online?
Every online transaction you make with us is fully secured and safe. We use the latest security technology to protect your information. You can read our privacy policy by visiting our Privacy Policy & Secure Shopping Page.

Q. Are the products we sell new and what is the warranty on them?
We only sell NEW items on our websites unless clearly stated otherwise in a well defined clearance area that we are selling a returned item in perfectly new condition.  All new items come with the full manufacturer’s warranties as stated on our product pages.

Q. When I opened my box, my air purifier was dirty with black substance all over it. Is my air purifier used?
We only sell brand new air purifiers shipped directly from the manufacturer. Your unit always leaves the manufacturer in brand new condition.  The black substance on the surface is carbon residue / dust. This is caused when the shipping company jostles the unit too much during shipping.  Some residual or powder from the packed carbon filter inside your air purifier can get on the units outside. It happens very infrequently, but it does happen from time to time across all manufacturers. Just take rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and rub the surface. The carbon residue / dust will come right off your unit so that it is in the new condition just like it left the manufacturer in.

Q. How will I know if the item I ordered is on backorder or out of stock?
We make every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible. In-stock items are generally shipped within 1-3 business days. If there is a problem with your order or we discover the item is back ordered, you will receive an email with more information and options.

Q. What are my options for placing an order?
You can place a secure order online yourself. Please call us or see our Contract Us page if you need help in ordering

Q. Are expedited orders delivery days guaranteed?
No. Unfortunately UPS and Fedex do not guarantee shipments for expedited orders. There are elements outside if thier control like weather that may impact the delivery day. So expedited orders are not guaranteed or refundable.

Q. My Austin Air Unit tag says it is an HM400 or HM200 but I ordered something else?
The HM400 and HM200 are actually part #’s. Not model #’s.  The frame on each standard size unit is the same and will say HM400 on the tag no matter which standard size unit purchased and HM200 on the Jr model tag no matter which Jr unit purchased. The models are the name on the front label of the unit. For standard size units, the models are the Healthmate, Healthmate Plus, Bedroom Machine, or Allergy Machine. For Jr size units, the models are Healthmate Jr, Healthmate Jr Plus, Allergy Machine Jr, or Baby Air Purifier. You can make sure you have the correct filters for the model you ordered by opening the filter access door on the bottom of your unit.  The filter type corresponding to your model name on the label and will be visible on the edge of the filters. We use the part #’s in our descriptions and titles because many people associate those with the models.

Q. What are our shipping charges/methods?
When we have a free shipping special, it only applies to orders within the contiguous U.S (the lower 48 states) and Canada, unless noted otherwise for specialty items on the ordering documents. We always use the least expensive shipping method between Fedex, UPS, US Postal, or freight. If you would like expedited shipping or if you are ordering outside of the lower 48 states and Canada please Contract Us for a shipping quote. We will provide the shipping costs and any other associated fee’s as part of your quote. See our “Shipping & Returns” page for more information.

All expedited shipping options require you to Contract Us for a quote.

If we are aware of a potential delay in shipping for an item due to seasonal demand, we will indicate the known shipping delay time on the product page or indicate “Contact Us for Availability” above the product price. Most of our items will ship within one or three business days.

Q. Will I have to pay sales tax on my order?
There is no sales tax for your order for US orders.  If we ship to a California address and you order a product that is shipped directly by a California manufacturer or from a warehouse in California, we are required to collect California sales tax for that product.

Q. Why does my unit have smells when I first get it?
Some customers will can smell carbon. Others do not depending on smell sensitivies. Some customers report that they smell it when they recieve the unit. Most customers report that they no longer smell it after a few days. A very small set of customers with very sensitive smells may smell it past the first week. Coconut Shell blend carbons have sometimes been described as a light buttery smell associated with popping popcorn.  Patassium Permanganate and Potassium Iodide will sometimes have smells associated with it, but as indicated most all customers report no longer smelling after the unit break phase, unless they have very sensitive smell.

Q. I seem to react to the carbon. Why is that?
In a very small number of individuals, it has been reported that they have reactions like coughing, etc. Per mfgs this is related to the either the coconut shell blend in the carbon, potassium iodide, or potassium permanganate. While all of these things are over the counter items. Just like any thing else, reactions to these and other things are individual.  Give us a call to discuss if you have any questions at all.

Q. How do I cancel or change my order?
As long as your order has not yet been shipped, the order will be cancelled per your request with no additional charge to you. See our “Shipping & Returns” page for more information.