The APS-200 PM 2.5 is Airocide’s most advanced air purification technology yet.

It combines our storied NASA catalyst with additional air sanitizing media to cover the entire spectrum of indoor air quality issues.

This product is an excellent VOC Air Purifier that is also proven to remove pernicious mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, dander, and cancer-causing particulate matter.

Filterless/Cleans The Air 24/7

Air is constantly moving and constantly getting dirty. Airocide is built to run 24/7 and doing so means it’s always working to protect you.

If you want to see a difference in the way you feel, you must constantly clean the air.

So, start by putting Airocide in your bedroom, choose your mode and let Airocide do the rest.

Destroy VOCs, Reduce Allergens…

The Airocide air purifier destroys organic matter both large and small, even viruses and VOCs (organic gases).

This NASA developed technology, uses cutting edge science that has been proven to eradicate everything from airborne asthmagens and allergens, to dust mites and pet dander. It has even been clinically proven to destroy MRSA, and Anthrax spores.

Award Winning Design

Airocide is honored as a gold winner for Excellence in Design and Innovation.

Modern, yet refined lines, complement any home, and may even become the conversation piece of any room.

STAGE 1 is a Carbon/Permanganate Media that aids in creating.

A more rapid removal of gaseous material. Used by itself;activated carbon will saturate and reintroduce the gaseouscomponent back into the environment.

However, when used with PCO materialthat has 360 degree exposure to a UV lightsourceit expands capacity to remove VOCs.

STAGE 2 is MERV-12 media

It removes particulate matter from the air such as Inorganic Carbon. This is the same material
that hospitals use.

STAGE 3 is the traditional NASA developed Airocide catalyst

It is with approximately 90 degree exposure to the 254 nanometer UV light source. Approximately 15 – 20% of the composition of P.M 2.5 is organic material.

This is primarily un-combusted hydrocarbons from cars, trucks, and from smoke stacks. Typically
these molecules are very stable cyclic hydrocarbonsthat are both difficult to remove from the air and very dangerous to breathe (carcinogenic).

The Airocide Catalyst has been proven effective in disturbing the stabilizing ring structure and achieving complete oxidation to Carbon Dioxide.