Airvita air purifier – High performance air ionizer – Airvita Q is a sophisticated air purifier from bacteria and a freshener in one, that provides a pleasant breathable air rich in a mix of anions in the home. Ionizer can handle fungal bacteria, carbon dioxide and also with H5N1 influenza virus up to 99,9% during the winter season, at the less ventilation. Airvita Q is easy to operate with the rotary selector, with which you can select for Anionic mode (rotate to left) or Sterilization mode (rotate to right). Anionic mode is suitable for daily air cleaning and Sterilization mode is suitable for fast sterilization of air from impurities and odors.

Each of us wants to live in a clean and healthy environment. Unfortunately, many of us forget that even the air we breathe every day needs care. And for this purpose is here Airvita Q air ioniser.

ionizer Airvita Q

Airvita releases more than two million of anions to disinfect the breathing air, helping to improve your health.

A lot of people spend about 80 to 90% of their time every day inside buildings and cars. What air is in our buildings and cars plays an important role in our health. The polluted air full of various harmful residues and bacteria is the reason of many diseases and health problems.

Airvita Q air cleaner

See a graphical illustration of why Airvita is so effective in fight with air pollution as well as against various bacteria and molds in our homes and offices.

Airvita Q features Airvita Q Efficiency

Airvita is one of the most versatile air ionizers. They do not only disinfect the environment in which we live, but thex also take care of our bodies even at the cellular level.

airvita tree Air cleaning and antibacterial function

Pollutants are neutralized by anions that clean the air in the room. Anions are also good for removing harmful substances, various odors as well as unhealthy bacteria or viruses.

airvita composition Activation of cells and increase the resistance of the organism

The blood with a lot of anions ensures the most active movement of the cells in the body. In other words, in areas that are full of anions, the cells are more active that promotes growth and blood circulation in the body.

airvita molecule Blood purification

The blood in our body is slightly alkaline, but because of the excessively polluted air, the number of cations that increase the acidity of the blood increases. Anions return the acidity of the organism to the default health beneficial values.

air vita respiration

Reduces the risk of allergies and strengthens lung function

Respiratory allergies are caused by a substance called Anerugen. Anions reduce the chance of getting allergy caused by Anerugen by removing it from the air. The air remains clean, which increases the resistance of your body up to the removal of lung problems.

Breathe the cleanest air what you can indulge yourself, thanks Airvita Q. This ionizer does not need any further investment.

airvita cleaning


  • Model: Airvita Q
  • Method: Generating plasma by electric discharge
  • Power: 220V
  • Dimensions: 104 x 112 x 126 mm
  • Weight: 183g

Package contents: