Pets are just awesome. They entertain, provide companionship, and even protect you. Allow them into your house and they’ll be great cuddle buddies. However, you’ll have to pay an occasional price. First is the smell of their litter. It’s awful. Secondly is the battle with allergies. That’s why you need an air purifier.

Air Purifiers For Pets

Are air purifiers safe for pets? Yes! However, don’t purchase an ozone generator for any of your pets. Whether you have a cat, parrot, parakeet, or flying squirrel, this air purifier can cause serious harm. Is ionized air safe? No. An ionizer is not a bird safe air purifier since it produces too much oxygen for birds to inhale.

The air purifiers that are absolutely safe for pets are those that have filters. Such include HEPA filter-based systems, Activated Carbon Filters, Ultra Violet Light systems. They are good at removing pet dander, odors, and other contaminants such as bacteria in the pet’s saliva.

The Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Pets, just like humans, do not enjoy inhaling bad smell. An indoor air purifier can help remove bad odor and harmful air pollutants from your home. You may ask, “Aren’t humidifiers safe for pets? Why then can’t I use them instead?” Yes, but they do not clean the air. Air purifiers are a better option and they ensure a healthier pet environment.

Types Of Air Purifiers For Pets

There are many types of air purifiers. However, some of them aren’t beneficial to your pets, especially the birds. For instance, ionizers destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and fungus through oxidation, leaving behind pure oxygen. Excess of this gas is dangerous to your birds.

The following are the best types of air purifiers for all your pets:

  • HEPA filters. They force the air through a fine mesh, trapping harmful particles such as pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and pollen in the process.
  • Electrostatic air purifiers. They work like magnets to dust, attracting and collecting particles.
  • An air purifier with a carbon-basedfilter absorbs odors effectively. However, for severe urine smell, fit a customized filter. Also, you can get a purifier that has an additional carbon filter.
  • An Ultra Violet Light purifier kills bacteria that pass through it, reducing disease transmission.

Air Purifiers for Dog & Cat

The best air purifier for dogs/cats should have filters to remove particles such as pet dander, dust mites, and dust from the air. A HEPA filter system is effective in this regard. However, when it comes to some other types of pet allergens like those in sweat and saliva, you need an air purifier with some additional features.

Therefore, it is always better to look for a cleaning system that combines a filtration element with an additional feature to deal with bacteria and viruses. Examples include those air purifiers that use Photo-ElectricalOxidation (PECO) technology. These types can remove pet dander as well as other pet-related pollutants in the air more effectively.

Animal Air Purifier Safety

Is an animal air purifier safe for home use? Yes! In fact, an air purifier for homewith pets is very vital in improving your health and that of your animals. Just do enough research to avoid living air purifier dangers such as those of ozone and you’ll be okay.