APCO-X by Fresh-Aire UV

UV Air Treatment System

Keeping your home healthy and clean is always important but now it is even more of a priority. A UV protective system can help keep your home free of airborne contaminants.

Introducing Fresh Aire UV’s most advanced whole-house air treatment system yet. APCO-X is the result of ten years of APCO® development. It will revolutionize indoor air quality with significantly improved performance, functionality, and reliability.

APCO-X is proven effective against all types of biological and chemical contaminants. APCO® kills over 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens after the first 24 hours of use. APCO® eliminates pet odors, cooking smells and toxic VOCs.

  • 33% more effective than previous model in laboratory tests
  • V-Twin element with over 65% more effective carbon surface area
  • EverCarbon™ cells with proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology
  • 3 year UV-C lamp
  • LED status and lamp fault indicator
  • Translucent polycarbonate housing
  • Face-plate rotates for vertical or horizontal installation

The Other Two Thirds

APCO-X combines UV-C light and our proprietary EverCarbon™ cells to safely reduce odor-causing VOCs and biological contaminants. For the remaining third (particulates) consider adding a Fresh-Aire UV Purity Low Profile polarized HVAC filter.

Validated Ozone Free

Fresh-Aire UV APCO is the first UV/PCO based air purification product line to achieve the UL environmental claim validation (UL-2998) which identifies air purification systems that emits zero ozone. They are then listed in the UL SPOT database of sustainable products.

APCO® is a whole-house air purifier that uses activated carbon and germ-killing UV-C light to remove odors, chemicals, and biological contaminants for the lifetime of your air system. APCO® also extends the life of the air system by keeping it cleaner. Since APCO® installs directly into the central air system, the air is purified and circulated throughout the whole home, so there is no need for individual room air purifiers!

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