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NCCO (nano-confined catalytic oxidation) air purifier can reduce airborne virus transmission.


NCCO removes 99.9% pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, TVOC’s (total volatile organic compounds,) smoke and odors without releasing any toxins into the air.


NCCO air purifiers do not require carbon filters, which have to be changed every three months, to eliminate VOC’s and odors. The technology eliminates what HEPA air purifiers can’t. NCCO doesn’t trap pollen, allergens, germs and dust, we eliminate them.  Conventional air purifiers, such as HEPA and active charcoal, only absorb, but do not decompose pollutants.  As a result, it can only on average last three months. Once the filter is saturated, the absorbed pollutants will be released back into the air and cause secondary pollution, which can be very harmful to your health. In contrast, NCCO decomposes pollutants, bacteria and virus, and can last 12 years without being replaced.


The system eliminates VOC’s by converting them to carbon dioxide and water vapor, producing a clean and odorless environment.  NCCO filter system has the longest life in the industry and reduces expensive operating costs. The system sanitizes up to 99.97% of harmful air and smells; kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses; removes 99.95% of influenza viruses (H3N2) within 15 minutes; removes 99.99% of bacteria; removes 99.52% of TVOCs; and removes 99.72% of the respirable suspended particulates in smoke.


What is NCCO?

NCCO stands for Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation and is a unique patented technology that removes pollutants and odor from an internal environment. It was invented by a member of an Entrepreneurship Program run by the world acclaimed Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).


Unlike other air purification technologies that use filtration systems which will need filter changes or become saturated, our NCCO filter system effectively adsorbs and decomposes air pollutants whilst regenerating itself to prolong the system’s life, and also improve the purification efficiency.

The absorptive material within the NCCO filter is able to be customized to treat specific air pollutants such as carcinogens and so maintaining a high air purification capacity in different environments and locations. This property is ideally reflected in our range of b-MOLA household products which will give you a germ-free, clean, and odorless environment.


  • Touch Panel Design – Curved ergo design – provides safety and security where needed.

  • One-Touch Eco Setting – Ten Fan Speeds – Smaller Rooms

  • Eco Mode: Quiet operation to create a comfortable sleeping environment for Mother and Baby

  • 4 Stage Air Purification System:

  • Pre-filter

  • Oxygen Generator

  • True HEPA Filter

  • NCCO Reactor

Power Supply: AC110V / 50-60Hz

Airflow Volume: 40 – 130 m3/hr

Power Consumption: 8 – 20 W

Noise Level: 34 – 38 dB

Net Weight: 4 kg

Size: 292 x 194 x 441 mm

It can be used : Home, Offices, shops, Hotels, care home, day care

Typically used for room sizes of 300 sq. ft large area

Filter Change

the NCCO filter can be used for 12 years and the HEPA filter will last up to 6-18 months

Replacement filters: $19.99/set of 1 pc

Warranty: one year manufacture warranty

The following links also show a list of on-line videos about the NCCO and its effectiveness in odor/chemical removal and disinfection of germs.

Bacterial killing demonstration:

Particulate cleaning demonstration:

VOC decomposition demonstration:

Overall introduction of NCCO (English):

UBC profession Dr. Ezra Kwok, PhD, PEng, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FEC explain how NCCO kills airborne transmission