Do you want to have 2 in 1 purifier and heater?

You can find this kind of air purifier combo on the market, but there aren’t a lot of models. In this review, you can learn more about this type of device. Also, you can read about the best air purifier heater combos with the most quality performances.


Information About Air Purifier Heater

What Are The Benefits?

You can’t easily find a heater and air purifier combo on the market. You don’t have to buy each item individually, you can have an air purifier and heater in one item. If you decide to buy this product, it will clean your indoor air from harmful airborne particles and heat your room. This item uses electric power, but you should be aware that this combo uses a lot of electricity.

Additional Features

Some air purifiers are 4 in 1 item. You can have a fan, humidifier, heater and air purifier in just one product. If you have a humidifier, that product has a water tank, so you need to refill every day. Some air purifiers with a humidifier have a digital display, so you can see when you need to refill the tank. This type of air purifier provides you moist air, it protects you from dry air.

Where You Can Buy It?

As I said, there aren’t many air purifiers and heater combos on the market. Most people have some kind of heat source and don’t need this type of product. I find a few air purifiers and heater combos on the Amazon. You can compare them and find the model which suits you the most.

What About Price?

The price of the air purifier and space heater combo is not so much higher than the price of the air purifier. But it’s the better option to buy this purifier and heater combo than air purifier and heater individually, you’ll spend much more money on these two products.

Best 5 Air Purifier & Space Heater Combos

Best HEPA Air Purifier With Heater

Dyson Heater Air Purifier

Air Purifier Heater And Fan

You can use the Dyson heater and air purifier in each time of the year. You can always use it when is hot as a fan, when is cold as heater and it can always purify your air. Dyson is a multi-functional item. The price is average for this type of product.

Dyson Heater Air Purifier

WiFi Enabled

The Dyson has integrated WiFi, so you can connect your mobile phone with this device. Dyson app can show you real-time data of indoor air quality. Also, you can remotely control this device from your smartphone. The Dyson is compatible with Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant. You can tell Alexa to increase your air purifier fan speed.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter can remove more than 99.95% of harmful airborne particles. It can catch bacteria, pollen, dust and allergens. The Dyson has 8.7 x 6 x 24.9 inches. It weighs about 8 pounds. It is portable, you can put it wherever you have an electrical outlet. The Dyson uses LR44 batteries.

Dyson Heater Air Purifier review

Jet Focus Control

The Dyson heater air purifier has two modes of jet control. You can set the concentrated airflow, so the heat will blow in just one direction. The second mode is diffused mode, which means the Dyson will provide the wide projection. This mode will heat the room faster.

Auto mode

When the Dyson is in auto mode, it monitors the air quality and when the air is polluted, it will increase the fan speed. The night mode operates very quietly, the LED display will turn off its light, so any sound or light won’t disturb you during sleeping.


  • auto and night mode
  • is focus control
  • heater, cooler and purifier
  • removes almost all airborne particles

Best Heater Humidifier Air Purifier

Envion heater humidifier air purifier all one

4 In 1 Item

The Envion has 9 x 25 x 9 inches and it weighs 10 pounds. It has a tower shape and it is made of plastic. The Envion is 4 in 1 item, it is an air purifier, heater, fan and humidifier. The fan can operate separately from humidifier and heater. It is intended for medium and large rooms. It changes the air three times in one hour.

Envion heater humidifier air purifier all one

No Odors

The Envion air purifier can very efficiently clear the air. It will eliminate dust, mold, smoke, bacteria, viruses, pet hair, allergens and household odors. You can adjust the Envion temperature and humidity in the way you like. The price is affordable for this multi-function item.

True HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter stops all of these harmful airborne particles. The Envion has three heat settings, so you can change the heat level when is warm enough. The heater won’t dry out indoor air, it will provide the moist heat. The humidifier will provide enough moist air.

Envion heater humidifier air purifier all one review

Water Tank Capacity

The Envion comes in elegant black color. When you need to replace the filters, you can contact the company and buy filters from it. The water tank has a capacity of 3 liters. You need to refill the water tank every day. It uses regularly 110 V. The heat and humidifier run together, you can’t use just heater.


  • heater, fan, humidifier and air purifier
  • plastic construction
  • removes odors, bacteria, pollen

Best Humidifier & Air Purifier For Small Rooms

Oreck 2In1 Air Purifier

For Small Rooms

The Oreck has 10 x 10.5 x 29 inches and it weighs 15 pounds. It is a portable device, you can put it wherever you want to have clean and moist air. It doesn’t take much space, it has a tower shape. It is intended for small rooms, it can cover up to 115 sq. ft. For example, you can use it for bedrooms and nursery.

Oreck 2In1 Air Purifier

2-stage Filtration

The Oreck utilizes two types of filters. The HEPA filter removes almost all harmful airborne particles, like pollen, allergens and dust. The charcoal filter can effectively remove all odors, like pet odors and cooking odors. The HEPA filter you need to replace once a year and the charcoal filter needs replacement every three months.

Digital Indicator

The Oreck has a digital display and it can show some data. It shows the filter status, so you will see when it’s time to replace it. Also, there is a water tank indicator. You will see when it’s time to refill the water tank, but if you don’t refill it, the humidifier will automatically shut down. You can adjust the humidity level. When the humidity level is achieved, the Oreck will automatically shut off.

Oreck 2In1 Air Purifier review

Quiet Sleep Mode

You can activate the sleep mode with one press on the button. Then the lights will automatically dimes. Also, the fan speed will decrease, so the Oreck air purifier and humidifier won’t disturb you during your sleep time. This product doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


  • humidifier and air purifier
  • HEPA and charcoal filter
  • water tank indicator
  • filter replacement indicator

Best Air Purifier And Heater With WiFi

Dyson HEPA Air Purifier

Multi-Functional Item

The Dyson air purifier you can use as an air purifier, heater and fan. This model is intended for large-sized rooms. You can put it in your office or in your living room. Dyson has a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. These two filters can effectively remove more than 99.95& of harmful particles and keep you healthy.

Dyson HEPA Air Purifier

Works With Alexa

The Dyson air purifier and the heater has built-in WiFi, it is compatible with Alexa and Siri. You can use your voice to change the mode or increase the fan speed. You can download the Dyson Link app and connect your smartphone with this air purifier. You can control the device from any place and check your air quality in every minute.

Two Modes

The Dyson has two modes: night and auto mode. When it works in night mode, the lights and the sound from the fan will work in the lowest settings, so it won’t disturb you. The auto mode will monitor the air quality, so when the air is clear, the Dyson air purifier and heater combo will decrease the fan speed.

Dyson HEPA Air Purifier review

2 Years Warranty

Dyson heater and air purifier combo has 8.7 x 6 x 24.9 inches. It weighs about 8 pounds. If you decide to buy this air purifier, you will get a 2-year warranty, but only if you register. If you use this item 12 hours per day, the filter will last about 1 year. When you need to replace the filter, you’ll receive the notification on your mobile phone.

Speed Settings

Dyson heater and purifier has 10 speeds, you can adjust it and change whenever you want. Also, you can adjust the jet focus, there are two ways, the heat beam for personal use and diffused mode for a wide range. This Dyson heater and purifier receive an award for quiet operation.


  • two filters
  • Alexa compatible
  • night and auto mode

Best Cheap Air Purifier And Heater

PureHeat Air Purifier

2 In 1 Item

This GreenTech model has two functions, it can clear the air and heat the air. Also, this item is safe if you have children or pets. The pureHeat is equipped with overheat and tip-over shut down function. The item can’t achieve ultra-high temperature, so it’s safe if somebody touches the casing.

PureHeat Air Purifier

LED Display

The pureHeat has a control panel and LED display. It is easy to use. There are several buttons on the control panel: heater, cooler, warmer, timer, quiet, purifier and power button. The package includes wireless remote, so you can change the temperature from your couch. You can use the quiet mode during the night.

Portable Air Purifier And Heater

The pureHeat air purifier and the heater has 16.8 x 14.2 x 10.2 inches and it weighs 14.55 pounds. It is a portable air purifier, it just requires an electrical outlet. The price is affordable, so everybody can afford it. The pureHeat air purifier comes in black color.

PureHeat Air Purifier review

For Large Rooms

The pureHeat air purifier is intended for large rooms of 500 square feet, but it can cover up to 1000 sq.ft. The pureHeat has a timer, so you can set it up for example 4 hours and it will heat you during the night. The air purifier will protect you from bacteria, dust, mold and viruses.


  • wireless remote
  • LED display
  • air purifier and heater

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Two Air Purifier Heater Combos?

You can find very quality air purifiers with a heater, humidifier and fan in this list. There aren’t many models on the market, but I find these models. I will recommend these two models: the Dyson heater air purifier and the Oreck air purifier. The Dyson has a fan, it can heat the room and clear the air, it is WiFi-enabled and has a sleep mode. The Oreck is a humidifier and air purifier in one item, it has a digital indicator for filters and for the water tank.

If you want to learn more about air purifiers, you can check out the post about the air purification system. If you have allergies, you should read the review of the best air purifier for allergies. If you have a smoker in your house, it will be useful for you to read the article about the best air purifier for smoke.