Do you have problems with mold?

This review has useful information about air purifiers for mold. You can learn how to solve this problem with just one device. The air purifier can reduce mold in your house very effectively. Keep reading the air purifier’s description and choose if you need this kind of item.


About Air Purifier For Mold

How Mold Affect Your Health?

The mold forms when the temperature, moisture and other conditions are in your house. The mold is fungal growth and the wet surfaces improve its growth. The mold can affect your health, so if you are exposed to the mold, you can have health issues such as eye irritation, respiratory problems, cough, throat irritation, skin irritation, headache and other problems. Also, it leads to allergies.

How Air Purifier Can Help You?

The air purifier can reduce mold in your house. It removes mold spores from the air and stops them from reproducing. You need to buy an air purifier with a good filtration system. The HEPA filter is one of the best air purifier filters. It stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, but there are different types of HEPA filters, if you can, buy true HEPA, Hyper HEPA or H13 HEPA filter.

UV Light & PECO Technology

The air purifier with filters is very effective, but it just traps the airborne particles in the device, it doesn’t destroy them. The air purifier with UV light actually kills germs, bacteria and mold. Also, air purifier with PECO or photoelectrochemical oxidation technology is able to destroy even the smallest air pollutants.

Smart Sensors

Air purifiers use advanced technology. Some of them have an auto mode. That is very useful because the air purifier will adjust the fan speed to air quality. That also saves energy. The integrated sensors will measure air pollution and show you if you indoor air is clean or polluted. Before buying, check out air changes per hour. The air purifier should clean the air at least 2 times per hour.

Best 5 Air Purifiers For Mold

Best Air Purifier For Allergies And Mold

Dyson Air Purifier For Mold

About Design

The Dyson HP04 air purifier has 9.8 x 8.1 x 30 inches. It can fit in every room. Also, it isn’t heavy, there are 19 pounds, so you can move it wherever you want. The Dyson’s air purifiers have a high price, but they are one of the best air purifiers on the market. There are 2 years of warranty.

Dyson Air Purifier For Mold

LCD Display

The Dyson air purifier has integrated sensors, they measure air pollution and show you data. It reports air quality level on the LCD screen, that includes ultrafine particles, allergens, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen dioxide. If your room air is polluted, choose the higher fan speed and quickly clean the air.

WiFi Enabled

There is the Dyson Link App, so you need to download it on your smartphone and control the air purifier from any place. Also, you can see the air quality reports and create schedules. This mold purifier is Alexa compatible, so you can control the device with your voice. You can tell Alexa the turn on the air purifier, turn on the auto mode and tell you about air quality.

Dyson Air Purifier For Mold review

Improved HEPA Filter

The Dyson air purifier uses two filters, improved HEPA filter and carbon filter. They remove ultra-small particles like pollen, dust, odor, gases, volatile organic compounds, mold spores and other irritants. It is designed for large rooms, so put it in your living room, office or master bedroom. You need to replace the HEPA filter once a year.

Multifunctional Air Purifier

You can use it all year round. It isn’t just an air purifier, it can cool the air and heat it. Also, there are two modes, you can set up the personal long-range airflow or diffused airflow for the whole room. Multiplier technology delivers 77 gallons of air per second. The Dyson has a night time mode, then it works quietly.


  • 2 years of warranty
  • Multiplier technology
  • HEPA filter for mold spores
  • Alexa compatible

Best Air Purifier For Mold Spores

Molekule Air Purifier For Mold

Leather Handle

The Molekule has a tower design, so you can put it anywhere, it will fit. It has 8.2 x 32 inches and it weighs 24 pounds. The body is made of anodized aluminum. The Molekule air purifier has a handle made of leather, so you can easily move it from one room to another.

Molekule Air Purifier For Mold

PECO Technology

The Molekule uses photoelectrochemical oxidation technology. First, the air purifier takes in the air from the whole room, the air comes to the pre-filter where large particles stay. That includes dust, pet hair and dander. Then light activates the nanoparticle filter and chemical reaction destroys pollutants like mold spores and allergens at the molecular level.

No Ozone

The Molekule air purifier doesn’t produce any ozone or other harmful particles. This air purifier that removes mold is designed for large spaces. It can cover the space of up to 600 square feet. The Molekule has touch screen for easy control. Also, you can connect your smartphone with this air purifier, the app is available for iPhone and Android.

Molekule Air Purifier For Mold review

Easy To Maintain

All you need to do is replace the filters when the indicator lights on. The PECO filter can last about 6 months and pre-filter for about three months. The Molekule manufacturer offers automatic filter refill delivery. The package includes two pre-filters and one PECO filter. This air cleaner for mold cleans the air once per hour. It a pricey air purifier.


  • portable item
  • photoelectrochemical oxidation technology
  • download app for more control

Best HEPA Air Purifier For Mold

Honeywell Purifier For Mold

390 Square Feet

This Honeywell model has 18 inches in width and 19 inches in height. It weighs 21 pounds. You can sue it in large and extra-large rooms, but it has the best effect in the space of up to 390 square feet. In the large room, it will clean the air 5 times per hour and in the room of 149 sq. ft, it cleans the air 12 times per hour.

Honeywell Purifier For Mold

True HEPA Filter

The Honeywell has an AHAM certificate for 390 sq. ft room. Also, the CADR ratings are 250 for smoke, 250 for dust and 250 for pollen. This air purifier uses a True HEPA filter which is recommended for pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, germs and other allergens. It will reduce mold in your home.

Powerful Fan

This air cleaner for mold has a powerful fan motor, it draws in polluted air. Also, it releases clean air to the whole room. The pre-filter contains carbon, so it captures large dust particles and reduces household odors, like smoke, pet odor, food smell and more. You need to replace filters when they are dirty. The carbon filter requires replacement every three months. The True HEPA filter can last between 3 to 5 years, you can vacuum it and reuse it.

Honeywell Purifier For Mold review

3 Cleaning Settings

This air purifier has a filter indicator, so you don’t need to check out filters by yourself. When the filter indicator lights on, it’s time the replace the filter. This air purifier that kills mold has three cleaning settings. You can set it up depends on air quality. You can use it at night, it works very quietly.


  • quiet air purifier
  • for 390 square feet room
  • long-lasting True HEPA filter
  • filter life indicator

Best Air Purifier For Mold And Mildew

Alen T500 For Asthma, Mold And Germs

Space-saving Design

The Alen BreatheSmart T500 air purifier is available for three main purposes. You can buy a model for allergies, allergies, germs and mold and for allergies, pet and household odors. Also, it comes in black and white color. It has 10 x 6 x 22 inches. The Alen is lightweight, there are 9 pounds.

Alen T500 For Asthma, Mold And Germs

For Every Room Size

This Alen air purifier for allergies, mold and germs is great for small, medium and large-sized rooms. It can cover the room of up to 500 square feet, so you can put it in the living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom, kitchen, office and other spaces. The Alen cleans the air every 30 minutes.

Low energy Consumption

The Alen air purifier for mold has a low energy consumption, at the highest settings it uses 53 watts. It requires 120 V. This air purifier for mold uses 4 filters, there are pre-filter for large particles, an antimicrobial filter which destroys germs and mold spores, HEPA silver filter for fine particles of 0.3 microns and activated carbon filter for reducing odors like pet odors, food smell, smoke and other household odors.

Alen T500 For Asthma, Mold And Germs review

Optional Ionizer

The Alen air purifier has ionizer which releases negative ions in the air and catches small harmful particles. But, you don’t have to use it, there is an on/off button. This device has a timer, you can set it up to 12 hours. If you want to maintain clean air in your room, choose the lowest settings and the air purifier will work quietly.


  • for mold, germs and allergies
  • can cover the room of up to 500 sq. ft.
  • negative ions generator

Best Air Purifier For Dust And Mold

Coway Air Purifier For Mold

CADR Numbers

The Coway air purifier is designed for large spaces, it can effectively clean the air in the room of up to 360 square feet. According to CADR, it is a very effective item, there is 246 cb. ft for dust, 240 cb. ft. for pollen and 233 cb. ft. for a smoke. The Coway has a practical and compact design.

Coway Air Purifier For Mold

77 Watts

The Coway has 16.8 inches of width, 18.3 inches of height and 9.6 inches of depth. It weighs 12 pounds, so you can easily take it and remove it from one place to another. It uses 77 watts at the highest settings and produces noise between 24 to 53 dB, depends on settings.

HEPA Air Filter For Mold

The Coway air purifier for mold has pre-filter for large particles, it’s washable. The odor filter catches pet odor, smoke, cooking smell, the True HEPA filter reduces fine dust, pollen, volatile organic compounds, allergens and mold spores. The vital ionizer releases negative ions and improves air quality.

Coway Air Purifier For Mold review

Control Panel

The control panel is on the top of the device, there are buttons for power, timer, speed, ion and for filter reset. Also, there is an LED indicator that reports air quality. There are three colors, red, blue and violet for polluted, medium polluted and clean air.

Eco & Auto Mode

If you set up auto mode, this mold purifier will continuously clean the air and adjust the fan speed to the air pollution. If sensors detect no pollution about 30 minutes, the device will automatically switch to the eco mode and save energy. The fan has three speeds.


  • very effective for mold, smoke and dust
  • 4 levels for purification
  • auto mode and eco mode
  • 1, 2, 4, 8 hours timer

Conclusion: Which Air Purifiers For Mold Are The Best?

The mold can be a big problem if you not solving it. It has a bad effect on your health, so consider these models. The best two are the Molekule air purifier and the Honeywell air cleaner. The Molekule uses PECO technology, which doesn’t just trap particles, it destroys them, also, you can use it in a large room. The Honeywell is also intended for a large room of up to 390 square feet, it uses True HEPA filter and carbon filter.

If you think that air purifiers are useful devices, you can learn more in other reviews, for example, you can read the general information in the post about the best air purifiers. Also, if you are interested in small and personal air purifiers, read the post about desktop air purifiers. Check out the article about electronic air purifiers and find out their advantages.