SilverOnyx is a company that specializes in designing healthy living products such as vacuums, scales, vitamins, and air purifiers.

The SilverOnyx air purifier was chosen as one of the top air purifiers for bacteria and viruses because of its unique design and a 5 stage purification process. The purification process includes a 360 degree pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and Activated Carbon Filter, and also has an ionizer and UV-C sterilizer. This air purifier is great for removing germs, bacteria, or viruses from the air because of its advanced UV-C light sterilizer.

The SilverOnyx features a five stage filtration process, five fan speeds, easy-to-use push button display, sleep function to turn off lights, particulate matter sensor that automatically adjusts airflow, on/off timer, filter change light indicator, auto mode, quiet performance, and a lightweight design. The UV-C sterilizer can also be turned off and on as desired.

The product’s 360 degree design takes up less space than flat filter purifiers while still allowing for 60% more surface area. This is why the SilverOnyx is able to filter more cubic meters of air per minute.

As bacteria, viruses (such as the flu, colds, or the stomach bug), germs, and more flow into the purifier, they first flow through a mesh pre-filter that captures large particles, the air then enters the true HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of particles and odors under .3 microns in size. After syphoning through the HEPA filter, the dirty air reaches the activated carbon filter. The carbon filter uses millions of crushed charcoal particles to absorb odors and small particles. After flowing through the activated carbon filter, the air contaminants enter the UV-C sanitization chamber which zaps and kills any mold, germs, bacteria, viruses or living organisms with intense UV light. The final stage in the purification process (if turned on) is for any remaining dirty air to pass through the ionizer.

As you can see, the Silver Onyx’s advanced purification process combined with the increased level of surface area due to its 360 degree design is the reason for purifier being one of the best on the market. Bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the HEPA and UV technologies while other contaminants are removed from the pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, and ionizer.