Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is the newest air purifier from Dyson, and this time, it comes with a built in humidifier. This makes it an ideal choice for use in places that had dry weather. The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is not only good at purifying indoor air, but can maintain humidity levels correctly till up to 70 percent.

Power Consumption (W) : 40 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 600 sq ft
Noise Level (dB) : NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : NA
Filter Type : HEPA
Dimensions : NA
Ionizer : NA
Philips Air Purifier Series 3000i
  • Power Consumption (W)

    Power Consumption (W)

    58 W

  • Coverage Area(sq.ft.)

    Coverage Area(sq.ft.)

    up to 48 m²

  • Noise Level (dB)

    Noise Level (dB)

    33-66 dB(A)

  • Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h)

    Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h)

    400 m3 / hr

Full specs

The Philips Air Purifier Series 3000i is the newest air purifier from Philips, with a number of changes that address the short-comings of the previous generation models. The revamped cylindrical design allows the air-purifier to pull air into its filters from all directions, expelling clean air out the top with considerable force. This allows it to be more efficient at cleaning that traditional, rectangular air purifiers.

Power Consumption (W) : 58 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : up to 48 m²
Noise Level (dB) : 33-66 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : 400 m3 / hr
Filter Type : 3-layer filter
Dimensions : 657 x 295 x 295
Ionizer : NA

The IQAIr HealthPro 250 is a powerful air purifier that delivers on its claims. The device caters to a niche category of users that want better air quality in their homes, regardless of how much it costs. For those who suffer from breathing problems, It is one of the best options to choose from right now. It comes equipped with an F8 PreMax Filter, the V5-Cell MG filter, which consists of an activated carbon filter, and a hospital-grade class H12/13 HEPA filter. it can cover an area of up to 800 sq ft and one can also duct the air purifier for better performance.

Power Consumption (W) : 6-38 watts
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 430 sq ft / 40 sq m
Noise Level (dB) : 23 – 53 db
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : 315m³ / hr
Filter Type : Hepa
Dimensions : 380 X 380 X 320 mm
Ionizer : No

With a coverage area of 680 square feet, the Sharp FP-J80 takes the performance of the Sharp FP-J60 up a few notches. Armed with a Plasmacluter ion generator combined iwth an activated charcoal filter and a H14 grade HEPA filter, the Sharp FP-J80 is ideally suited for homes that have people with respiratory problems.

Power Consumption (W) : 48 / 28 / 1.3
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 680
Noise Level (dB) : NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : NA
Filter Type : High density Plasmacluster Ion Generator with True HEPA & Active Carbon Filter
Dimensions : 416 x 720 x 292
Ionizer : NA

One of the worst things about running an air purifier during the winters is the cold air. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic corrects this shortcoming by integrating a heating element into its construction, allowing you to get warm, purified air instead of a blast of cold air. Additionally, the Hot+Cool Cryptomic is specially designed with a new filter that specifically targets formaldehyde, neutralising the otherwise hazardous chemical.

Power Consumption (W) : 40 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 600 sq ft
Noise Level (dB) : NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : NA
Filter Type : HEPA
Dimensions : NA
Ionizer : NA

Xiaomi has upgraded one of its most popular products with the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3. The air purifier comes packing an OLED display to show you all the important air quality metrics like PM 2.5 levels. The air purifier features a 360-degree air intake design, with the powerful motor pulling in inmpure air through what Xiaomi calls a true HEPA filter and expelling it out the top as a means of preventing the “air bubble” effect. The Mi Air Purifier 3 also works with Google Assitant and Amazon’s Alexa.

Power Consumption (W) : 38 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 484ft2
Noise Level (dB) : 64 dB
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : NA
Filter Type : HEPA, Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon
Dimensions : 24 X 52 X 24
Ionizer : NA

The Sharp FP-J60M is one of the best home air purifiers we have tested so far. It is highly efficient, thanks to the H-14 grade HEPA filters and relatively average filter size. While it doesn’t offer IoT capabilities, the device sports Plasmacluster technology that produces a “Plasmacluster shot,” which is essentially a burst of positive and negative ions that help remove not only ultrafine particulates but also pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

Power Consumption (W) : 1.2 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 520 sq ft
Noise Level (dB) : 43 dB
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : 408 CMH
Filter Type : HEPA, Pre-Filter, Deodorization Filter, Activated Carbon
Dimensions : 416 X 720 X 292
Ionizer : Yes

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is a good air purifier that performed well in our extended tests. It was able to lower harmful PM2.5 and PM10 particulates under the permissible limit. Packed with features like heated air projection, IoT connectivity, oscillation, scheduling, auto mode and more, it makes for a really convenient device. While its price might seem too steep, it makes sense for those consumers who want to spend the amount to get the air purifier that not only looks good but also works well.

Power Consumption (W) : 40W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 600 sq.ft
Noise Level (dB) : NA
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : NA
Filter Type : 360° Glass HEPA
Dimensions : 20.5 x 24.8 x 76.4
Ionizer : NA

Meant for room sizes of 280 sq. ft., the unique feature in the ‘i’ models is the presence of an air quality sensor that speeds up the fans automatically whenever it detects a drop in the air quality of the room. Apart from that, the Classic 280i purifies the air using their patented HEPASilent technology. It has a smart panel on top to display Wi-Fi connectivity, fan speed status, filter status and the air quality of the room including PM 2.5 and VOC levels. The Blueair Friend app will let you control all the modes remotely without touching the purifier but it needs some work. You can also monitor the air quality of your room in real-time and accordingly set the fan speed.

Power Consumption (W) : 20- 80 watts
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 279 sq. ft
Noise Level (dB) : 32 – 56 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : 200 cfm
Filter Type : Room
Dimensions : 530 x 440 x 210
Ionizer : NA

We reviewed the Samsung AX5500 and found it is a device capable of delivering clean air in just about 45 minutes of run time. It does lack IoT/app compatibility, but there are other elements of it that are quite convenient. It has a combined an activated carbon filter with a HEPA filter and with a filter life of over 8000 hours. If you want to buy a high-performance air purifier and have no problem with missing IoT features, then the Samsung AX5500 is a worthy consideration.

Power Consumption (W) : 80 W
Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 93.1
Noise Level (dB) : 45 dB (A)
Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : 773m³ / hr
Filter Type : Hepa Filter
Dimensions : 360 x 1054 x 284
Ionizer : NA

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