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iAdaptAir® is the smartest home air purifier. Experience ozone-free full spectrum air purification for optimal indoor air quality. The iAdaptAir® high-quality HEPA filter, carbon filter, UV, AHPCO® and Bi-Polar® technologies eliminate pollutants, allowing you and your family to breathe easy year-round. Manage multiple air purifiers with the Air Oasis indoor air quality phone app. iAdaptAir® air purifiers come in three sizes.

HEPA Air Purifier

The Air Oasis R&D team has tested every air purification technology available and interviewed customers, paying close attention to their air purification needs. After years of research and analysis, we’ve developed the best app-enabled, ozone-free indoor HEPA air purifier on the market.

The iAdaptAir® HEPA air purifier combines the top five technologies – AHPCO®, Bi-Polar® ionization, germicidal ultraviolet, True HEPA and carbon filtration into one product. This air purifier is engineered to tackle even the most challenging indoor air quality issues so you and your family can breathe easy.

Benefits of a HEPA Air Purifier


VOC and Odor Reduction

Reduce indoor VOC irritants and eliminate odors from pets, furniture and cleaning chemicals.


Address Mold, Bacteria and Virus

Reduce mold, virus, bacteria and even MRSA in the air and on surfaces.


Allergy Relief

Address allergy challenges from seasonal hay fever, ragweed, pollen, dust, as well as dog and cat allergies.


Stay Connected

Monitor your iAdaptAir® HEPA air purifier with a built-in smart control panel or remotely via a mobile app.

Download our mobile app and control multiple air purifiers anywhere in the world. The app scheduler sets the time your iAdaptAir® turns on and off each day. The smart control panel allows you to adjust fan speed, put on the child lock, turn the lights off for restful sleep, and set the auto-off timer. It will even display the current air quality surrounding your iAdaptAir® HEPA air purifier so you can regulate the settings before returning home. Use iAdaptAir® with or without Wifi connectivity.

Check Plus indicates most effective against named contaminant= Most effective against named contaminant.
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