Prolonged exposure to bad indoor air may put us at risk for several ailments. The situation can worsen if you have a pet or suffer from a respiratory disorder or some allergy form. An air purifier is used to eliminate harmful components from the air.   These machines use filters and fans to remove particles and circulate the purified air back into the room.

Areas with hot, humid conditions can become a breeding ground for pests, leading to mold and mildew growth. It can also intensify allergy triggers and threaten your house, including the structure, surfaces, and condition. A dehumidifier facilitates the removal of moisture by drying the surrounding air.

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These machines are equipped with cooled metal fins with a temperature lower than space’s dew point temperature. The fans circulate the air, and the cold fins condense the moisture. The dehumidifier accumulates the evaporated water in a tray.

What Is Dehumidifier Air Purifier Combo?

The idea behind a dehumidifier air purifier combo is to merge the most desirable features of both machines into one indivisible unit to improve your indoor air quality. Air purifiers require filters, while dehumidifiers work with water tanks and compressors. An all-in-one device employs these elements together to improve living conditions.

Benefits of using Dehumidifier and Air Purifier 2 in 1 Combo

Best of Both Worlds

An air purifier and dehumidifier combo help eliminate pollen, smoke, and odors; while also removing excess moisture, leading to mold and other mildew growth.  Air purifiers can remove airborne particles from the air to make it better. Dehumidifiers help you reduce the moisture content, thereby preventing allergens’ growth.

Using a dehumidifier in conjunction with your air purifier can help restore moisture content to a more comfortable level and improve air quality. The two-in-one unit will effectively tackle allergens and excess humidity in one fell swoop. Traditionally, you would require two separate appliances (dehumidifier and air purifier). In the past few years, some manufacturers have started offering these devices in combination, eliminating the need for two different machines by combining their features into one, making it cost-effective, energy-efficient, and saving you space.

Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Combo

Things to Consider While Buying an Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Combo

Coverage Area: The coverage area is the maximum amount of square footage that the machine can dehumidify and purify.

Air Changes Per Hour (ACH): The ACH ratings describe the amount of time the air purifier will exchange the air within a room with clean, fresh air in sixty minutes. For example, an air purifier with a 2x ACH rating would remove and recycle the dirty air with clean air two times per hour. The ACH rating is proportional to the maximum coverage area.

Moisture Removal Rate: For dehumidifiers, the removal rate is measured in pints per 24-hour period. So, a 30-pint capacity dehumidifier can remove 30 pints in 24 hours. The larger the capacity, the more water it can remove per day.

Particle Removal Rate: Every air purifier comes with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). This rating is used to measure how long it takes particles to be removed in minutes per cubic foot. The higher the CADR rating, the better the purifier is at removing particles from the air.

Build Quality: Your dehumidifier and air purifier should be able to withstand whatever you throw at it. The most popular materials for these combo machines are high-density polyurethane or other lightweight material.

Convenience: Consider a unit that comes with caster wheels, as they can be moved around easily as per requirement. Some models are also equipped with handles that help in improved portability. Other convenience features include an easy to fill tank and a digital panel that can give you a readout of the air environment.

Additional Features: A filter life indicator alerts you when it is time to change the air filter. Other features to consider in the appliance include an auto-shutoff function that will turn the machine off when it’s out of water.

Separate operating functions: See that the dehumidifier and air purifier combo can be used separately, without running the entire appliance and consuming more energy.

Warranty: It is essential to note the manufacturer’s warranty’s duration/coverage as they are a vital part of running an operation.

Air Purifier and Dehumidifier Combo Reviews

1. Tenergy Sorbi 1000ml Air Dehumidifier w/Air Purifying Function

Tenergy Sorbi Dehumidifier with Air Purifying Function

The Tenergy Sorbi is a small dehumidifier that uses Peltier technology and HEPA filtration to make your air more comfortable. The portable dehumidifier can remove 750ml of moisture per day in environments with 80% humidity and 86º Fahrenheit and comes with a 1-liter removable water tank.

Weighing 7lbs, the Tenergy Sorbi includes an LED indicator, auto-shutoff, and a water level sensor. The dehumidifier’s simple plug and play design ensure easy operation to keep the air dry, clean, and cozy. The true HEPA filter means this dehumidifier can also capture microparticles at 99.97% and reduce your allergies by trapping allergens like pollen, dust, or dander.

The Sorbi dehumidifier works at very low noise levels (35-42db) and is ideal for spaces up to 200 sq. ft, such as small offices, basements, bathrooms, or closets. Tenergy’s dehumidifier is ETL and CARB certified for safety and quality and comes with a 2-year extended warranty when the unit is registered with Tenergy Life.


  • True HEPA filter
  • Weighs only 7 lbs
  • Compact and portable


  • Does not remove as much water as other models
  • Small Space Coverage

Why Buy: The compact Tenergy Sorbi dehumidifier reduces excess moisture and cleans the air to make your living space more comfortable.

2. Ivation 11 Pint Small Compressor Dehumidifier

Ivation Dehumidifier and air purifier 2 in 1

The Ivation smart touch compressor dehumidifier and Ionizer can remove up to 11 pints of water per day and can provide efficient coverage in areas up to 216 square ft and is suitable for Bathroom, Attic, Crawlspace, Basement, Bedroom, Etc.

While most small dehumidifiers utilize Peltier technology while removing adequate moisture, waste energy. The Ivation smart touch dehumidifier packs the same powerful performance and small, lightweight construction while using less power. The compact dehumidifier comes with two operational modes. You can set the desired fan speed for continuous dehumidifying or enter ‘Smart Mode’ to program conditions at precise levels. The dehumidifier can be programmed to increase/decrease humidity in 5% increments in the range of 40% to 80%.

The Ivation dehumidifier features an integrated ionizer that releases negative ions into the air for purifying and deodorizing. It eliminates odors and eradicates dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants at a button press.  The Ionizer can be run independently or alongside the dehumidifier for optimal results. The machine also features a removable air filter that catches dust, dirt, hair, and allergens. Clean the filter every two weeks for best performance; remove the filter and immerse it in warm water with detergent, rinse, and dry.

The Ivation smart compressor dehumidifier features a touch panel display that lets you conveniently set up a timer, adjust fan speed, enter smart mode, set, and view current humidity, etc. The dehumidifier comes with a Humidity sensor that monitors the room’s relative conditions for easy reading at the press of a button. Status Codes: LCD alerts the user when current humidity levels dip below 20% or above 95%.

The Ivation smart compressor dehumidifier comes with auto defrost and auto-shutoff features that continuously monitor, maintain, and shuts off the unit if required. The included rolling wheel casters enable effortless movement from room to room. The dehumidifier provides added convenience by collecting the water in the removable water reservoir or by continuously draining it to a nearby outlet via connected hose (included). When the container is full, the unit will beep 15 times, and the ‘FULL’ indicator will glow red until water is removed.


  • Effective Humidification
  • Larger Coverage than indicated
  • Relatively small and quiet
  • Easy to setup and operate


  • Bad placement of the UV C light
  • Wheels are slightly difficult to attach

Why Buy: The Ivation smart compressor dehumidifier can remove an adequate amount of moisture, requires less energy, and takes up minimal space, making it an ideal option for a variety of indoor environments.

3. Afloia Electric Dehumidifier – 2 Functions in 1

Afloia Dehumidifier and air purifier

The Afloia home dehumidifier combines dehumidification and purification functions, providing two working modes for users to improve the air quality in their houses. The dehumidifier can absorb up to 750ml water per day at 86°F, 80%RH, and comes with a 1-liter water tank is 1000.  The portable dehumidifier takes up little space and can cover areas up to 230 sq. ft and is ideal for places such as RV, wardrobe, shoe case, grow room, small room, etc.

Powered through a DC adapter, the Afloia dehumidifier comes with easy to remove the front water tank. The dehumidifier comes with an auto shut-off sensor that will shut down the machine once the container is full, and the device will start working again once the reservoir is empty. The HEPA filter can trap 99. 97% of fine particles and allergens. The dehumidifier comes with a 30-day money-back warranty and 2-year free replacements.


  • Easy to use and offers a healthy atmosphere
  • Environmentally Friendly product
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Auto shut off sensors


  • No Connection for a drain hose
  • Only suitable for small spaces

Why Buy: The Afloia smart dehumidifier works efficiently in removing moisture. It is compact and portable and works quickly in creating a healthy environment in your home.

Maintenance Tips for Air Purifier and Dehumidifiers Combo

Maintaining your dehumidifier and air purifier will keep the machine working in top condition and lower overall costs. Following a regular schedule and proper upkeep, you can enjoy clean, healthy air from your device for a long time.

The machine air filter should be cleaned regularly, generally with cold, distilled water. The filter should be replaced every six months or as per the manufacturer recommendations to maintain optimal performance.

Frequently empty your dehumidifier’s water collection tank to ensure a clean water receptacle. Occasionally clean the tank with soapy water and ensure that it dries completely before putting it back in the machine. Without regular cleaning with a disinfectant, the dehumidifier’s container becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Avoid switching on your device after shutting off immediately. At least wait for ten minutes to restart the machine, as the elapsed time will allow the system’s pressure to equalize and avoid compressor damage. Turning the dehumidifier on and off too quickly can impact the compressor to overheat and trip the circuit-breaker.

Dirty grilles can contribute to poor machine performance. Clean the intake and exhaust grille using a vacuum brush attachment to clear dust and debris, if any, to maintain efficient operation.

Conclusion: Should you Consider Buying a Dehumidifier and Air Purifier Combo?

The dehumidifier and air purifier do not have the same use case. A core function of the dehumidifier is to regulate and maintain optimal humid conditions, while an air purifier is needed to clean the air from harmful allergens and dust particles.

So, does this makes business sense to combine them when they can work efficiently separately? While it may be a good option if you face a mild level of air pollution or humidity level. However, if any of these conditions border to the extreme, it is better to consider a specialist appliance to tackle the problem at hand.