How To Choose a Humidifier Dehumidifier Combo

Dealing with humidity and allergies can make a bad situation all the worse. High humidity can, in fact, cause a buildup of moisture damage, mold and other such problems that can cause you to be short of breath or even suffer an allergic reaction. In short, if you want to avoid these problems, then you need to know how to choose a humidifier dehumidifier combo properly.

Ideally, you want a humidity level between forty-five and fifty percent total. This can help you control the humidity in your home and generally keep your possessions safe in the long term. Choosing a humidifier dehumidifier combo will all come down to what will work best for you, in the long run, and as is the case with any kind of dehumidifier. You need to be aware of how much space it needs to cover, how much moisture it needs to convert in a given time period and what model will work best both for you and your space in order to help you deal with all the downsides of humidity and the associated risks of letting it run rampant.

To give you an idea on how to choose a humidifier dehumidifier combo that works for you here are some of the most highly rated combo models that consumers highly recommend.

Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier with Air Washing Technology

The Honeywell line is a very well-known line when it comes to air purifiers in general. This particular model is especially efficient as it can be used for twenty-four hours before filling up with the total allotted percentage of three point two six gallons. The aforementioned Air Washing technology works to eliminate mold, dust and bacteria which can cause a lot of problems for you in the respiratory area if left untreated. This particular model also uses Cool Moisture technology which helps pull in dry air through an antimicrobial filter to also help take care of allergies and other potential problems. The Honeywell QuietCare runs quietly, for the most part, contains a dual water tank and lasts for quite a long time without needing refills. It is on the bulkier side and can rattle but is still a very popular model and comes highly recommended.

The Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster

The Sharp KC-860U Plasmacluster is another highly recommended model and an especially effective air purifier. It takes airborne contaminants and simultaneously humidifies the space that is being treated. If you suffer from allergens or want to make sure to avoid any mold or moisture issues then the Sharp KC-860U is a truly effective model. Sharp itself is an excellent manufacturer and comes with a True HEPA filter to combat respiratory diseases and also helps the model last longer overall. The total area that it covers is three hundred and forty-seven square feet. It also comes with the added benefit of running quietly, especially when compared to other air purifiers. The Sharp KC-860U is very easy to use and to set up at home and is an overall well-reviewed model. It is a bit pricier than the QuietCare and other models on the market but it is definitely an excellent point of reference.

The Venta Airwasher

The Venta Airwasher treats rooms up to four hundred square feet total. It also has no filter while the water itself actually acts as the filter. In essence, the Venta uses cold water evaporation technology in order to help treat respiratory issues and purify the air. It has a two gallon capacity overall, which is smaller than others but still works quite well for smaller to medium-sized spaces. It is on the larger side when it comes to taking up space but is highly reviewed and overall well-liked by the consumers who have tried it for themselves. You won’t have to worry about a traditional filter with this model which makes it an excellent choice for lower maintenance needs or for people who don’t want a needier model that requires as much regular cleaning. It is a well-rounded model and one that has proven itself on the market so it may very well make for a good reference model when it comes to doing research. It has certainly proven to be well-liked out on the market and among consumers. It is definitely worth taking a look at for reference.

Dreval D-850

The Dreval D-850 works with rooms that are up to four hundred and thirty square feet which is a very reasonable size to work with. The Dreval comes with a HEPA certified filter and antimicrobial qualities that works with a cold catalyst and activated carbon filters. The Dreval is also able to be controlled by a remote control and uses an ultraviolet sterilizing light. It is on the larger side but is very slick and easy to fit in with trendier designs. It is another moderately priced and well-liked model that has proven popular on the market. It is largely self-regulating and makes for an excellent model for those looking for a good balance between efficiency, power and budgetary requirements. Overall, it makes for a great middle ground for those who are looking for a great humidifier dehumidifier combo that will work wonderfully.

These models only make up a small percentage of humidifier and dehumidifier combos that are available on the market. There are plenty more models and brands that you can pick from but these two models are excellent points of references.

When you are learning how to choose a humidifier dehumidifier combo, you have to keep in mind many things: the space that needs to be treated, the amount of moisture that can be converted, your budget and the best needs for your home and yourself. Different climates will impact what you ultimately need. Regardless, these models are excellent places to start and will hopefully give you an idea on where to start when it comes to choosing the best combo unit that will work for you and your situation the best.