The AirInstict 200 is undoubtedly one of Oreck’s most impressive air purifiers because it uses a lot of smart technology to take the guesswork out of using it. On the outside, it features a very sleek, white exterior with a unique control panel on the corner. On the inside, it has an impressive 3-stage air purification system consisting of a pre-filter, dedicated carbon filter, and True HEPA filter. When used together, these filters provide excellent protection against a variety of air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, smoke, and odors.

What makes the AirInstinct 200 so great is that its filters are semi-permanent or long-lasting. On average, the carbon filter and the True HEPA filter can last up to 3 years, depending on the dirtiness of your home’s air, which makes the AirInstinct 200 a lower maintenance option compared to other air purifiers.

In addition, the AirInstinct has a fairly decent CADR rating of 160 and is able to clean the air almost 5 times an hour within the suggested room size of 248 sq. ft. It also has a lot of great features, one of which is the Automatic Particulate Sensor. This sensor detects the amount of particles present in the air and, if the device is on auto mode, will adjust the fan speed accordingly. Aside from this, it has a filter change indicator, air quality indicator, and 4 fan speeds to choose from.

Needless to say, the AirInstinct 200 is definitely a feature-packed device. Of course, such an impressive system will definitely come at a high price. Retailing at around $400, the AirInstinct 200 is definitely expensive upfront. In addition, it’s quite large and heavy, making mobility around the house a little more challenging. Overall, however, these downsides can be easily overlooked considering the cleaning power and all the features the AirInstinct 200 has. It’s sleek, it does its job effectively, and it is energy efficient.