A couple of years ago I moved to a house on a busy road, and pretty soon the quality of the air in the house became a big deal for me. My house consists mainly of many small rooms, so this led me to research the best small room air purifier.

The purifier I chose may surprise some however. To find out why please read on.

Tom Aeon

Hi, it’s Tom here again from Aeon Reviews and here we will be looking at the best air purifier for small rooms.

The consensus seems to be when buying a good air purifier that you should always go for the HEPA filter type.

However a company in Korea is proving that this isn’t the case at all.

Go-Clair are a company offering a range of quality air purifiers for the home, office and car using the latest e2f filter technology.

I read through the articles and research on the Go-Clair website, and I quickly came to realise I’d found a really promising HEPA filter alternative.

I took the plunge and ordered two of their most popular filters, the BF2025 air filters.

Best Small Room Air Purifier Clair BF2025
^ One of my Clair BF2025 air filters at home

Although there was a lack of customer reviews for the Clair air purifiers at the time, I must say I wasn’t disappointed with the Clair air filters one bit!


Filtration – Removes 99.97% of fine dust, mold, allergens, and viruses
Coverage – 322 sq. feet (29.915 sq. meters)
Filter Type – e2f filter technology
Settings – Three Fan Speeds


Clair Air Purifier Review [12 Reasons Why YOU Need A Clair Purifier]

1/ Better Than HEPA

The Clair purifiers filter air better than both HEPA filters and your lungs.

Our lungs are unable to filter out particles smaller than 2.5µm. HEPA will filter particles as low as 0.3µm or larger in size but there are ultrafine particles which can be as small as 0.1µm.

These ultrafine particles have been linked with many different conditions from strokes to heart attacks.

Fortunately the Clair purifiers capture ultrafine particles smaller than 0.1µm.

You can be assured that this purifier will deliver what it promises as all Claire products are backed by Korean Institute research.

2/ Filters Bacteria and Viruses

These purifiers amazingly also capture airborne viruses.

The size of viral particles range from 80nm (0.08µm) to 120nm (1.2µm), which is well within the capabilities of the Clair air purifiers to filter out from the air you breathe.

filter for ultrafine particles

3/ Cheap To Run

HEPA filters typically consume anywhere from 60 to 200 watts of power. The Clair BF2025 filter however only consumes 2.4 watts on the highest setting.

This purifier is incredibly cheap to run. If you left a BF2025 filter running 24-7, the annual cost of running would only be $2.31!

The filters also only need to be replaced every 12-18 months, and are quite reasonably priced.

4/ Easy to Maintain

I love how easy my Clair filter is to maintain.

Simply pop the top off, vacuum the excess dust from the top of the filter, replace the top, and you’re done.

The whole process is done in less than a minute!

If you don’t believe how easy this is, just check out the following video:


Typically with HEPA filters you have to throw away the filter every few months as the accumulation of dust cannot be removed.

With Clair filters this isn’t a problem.

5/ Price

Many HEPA filter air purifiers can cost hundreds.

But these great filter systems are available for in the region of $250. Click here for the latest price.

6/ Ease of Use

The great thing about this filter is everything is operated from just one button.

On/off and all the fan speeds are operated by just a simple press of a button. No more messing around with setting up speeds, temperature, humidity levels or profiles etc.

7/ Ozone Free

Clair air purifiers are ozone-free and release absolutely no noxious gases whatsoever.

This is because this product does not use an ionizer to trap ions in the air.

The Claire e2f filters are statically charged, which attracts non-polarized fine dust.

Utilizing the power of static electricity, fine dust is eliminated from the air you breathe without the introduction of potentially harmful levels of ozone.

8/ Quiet

The Clair purifiers are some of the quietest around.

And on the lowest setting the BF2025 has a particularly quiet operation, and I would compare it to being no noisier than a computer fan.

On the highest setting it is noticeable in the room, but I still wouldn’t go as far as to call it noisy.

It’s rare however that I ever use it on it’s highest setting as you will get noticeable results even on the lowest setting.

9/ Compact Size

The BF2025 is approx. 10″ wide by 10″ high by 6″ deep. Making it one of the best small room air purifiers.

The BF2025 can easily be tucked away on a shelf, and even makes a good desk air purifier.

10/ Design

Great contemporary design that will look at home in any home or workplace. Available in Green or Orange.

Clear BF2025 Orange
© Go-Clair

11/ The Best Air Purifier for a Small Room

This purifier works great in small rooms and spaces.

The ideal operating space for this filter is a room/area measuring approx. 18 x 18 feet or 5.4 meters by 5.4 meters (322 sq. feet/29.915 sq. meters).

12/ Great Customer Support

I have found the customer support to be very responsive and supportive with any queries.

I did have a minor fault with one of my filters shortly after purchase, and Clair replaced it for free, with no questions asked!


I genuinely have no complaints about my Clair Filter.

I think it looks great, is cheap to operate, and most importantly does the job great!

One of the things I think that could be improved is having a wider range of colours for the case.

At the moment you have to choose between a green or orange colour scheme. And I’m sure there are many people out there who would not like either.

Another minor thing that some might find annoying is when the device is on it has a small blue light on top.

Some may find this quite distracting if you are using it in say a bedroom at night with the lights off, as it can light up the room somewhat.

There is of course nothing stopping you covering up this light.


My Clair BF2025 is easily one of my best tech purchases of the past couple of years.

I was genuinely surprised at how quickly this makes a difference to the air quality in my home, and how noticeable that difference was.

Run the BF2025 in a closed room for a couple of hours and you will really notice the difference.

I was also surprised at how much dust this thing picks up when I come to clean it. And to think before I was breathing all that dust in!

I was worried that I was doing the right thing when purchasing a filter which didn’t use HEPA filters.

Clair however really do provide a great alternative to HEPA filter technology, and I really think Go-Clair could be the future for home and office air filter systems.

If you are looking for the best small room air purifier, then in my opinion look no further.


I hope you have enjoyed our Clair Air Purifier Review. Please check AeonReviews.com for more tech reviews.

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Featured Image © Go-Clair.