Tall and thin, this air cleaner fits in the corner of a room, and has a modern design that complements most contemporary offices or homes. The purifier covers an area of 180 square feet (equivalent to a 12-by-15-foot room), and operates so quietly it’s not immediately noticeable to guests. For those prone to allergies, this air cleaner has a high-efficiency HEPA filter that removes about 99 percent of airborne particles from the air that are 2 microns or larger in size–such as dust, pollen, and smoke. An independent ionizer further helps remove particles, while a carbon filter reduces household odors. A built-in oscillator distributes air evenly through the room, and improves air circulation. An alert light lets you know when filters need to be changed. Compact controls on the top of the air purifier, and on the included remote control host three speed settings. –Cristina Vaamonde

Trudy Writes: The unit significantly reduced dust and dander in the room. The first filter lasted about three months, which is good considering the amount of crud that it had to filter from the air.

The noise level is acceptable. It’s not silent, but it’s not like a hair dryer either. I keep it on a medium setting with the oscillator on, and the noise level is comparable to a desk fan.

Overall, I wish I had bought it sooner, as my husbands allergies are greatly improved while he sleeps at night, thanks to this air cleaner.

Also, one thing to remember with the ionizing units like Sharper Image or Oreck, is that they create ozone as a byproduct of ionization. Ozone buildup in a room can be toxic. Additionally, they are silent because there is no fan. Having no fan means the air doesn’t get circulated, so the air immediately surrounding the unit is clean, but the rest of the room is not.

• Covers 180 square feet or 12-by-15-foot room
• 99% HEPA filter removes airborne dust and pollen

• Activated carbon filter reduces household odors

• Independent ionizer assists particle removal

• Quiet operation

• Remote control

• Electronic ionizer increases performance

• Filter change indicator

• Oscillation

• 3 speed settings

• CADR Smoke 116

• CADR Dust 110

• CADR Pollen 110

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