If you’re looking for simple control features for daily convenience, then look no further. Enjoy having multiple purification speeds to choose from, user-friendly digital or manual controls, and energy-saving timer operation at your fingertips. All Blueair air purifiers also feature sleek, contemporary designs that blend well with any décor. There’s a reason customer review Blueair products so highly.

HEPASilent Filtration Technology

BlueAir purifiers use unique HEPASilent purification technology. This technology makes it possible to clean the air thoroughly and quietly. BlueAir filters are designed to support a low air pressure drop, which means air will more easily pass through the fibers, lessening the fan’s workload and sound emission. These units also incorporate sound-muffling plastic and steel into their housing to promote quieter operation.

Eco-Friendly Design

These long-lasting models are designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. Many models are Energy Star-rated, which means they operate 40% more efficiently than conventional non-Energy Star air purifiers. This can save you up to $25 annually on operating costs and ultimately, more than $220 over the life of the air purifier.

Each model also features powder-coated steel housing and filters made of non-toxic polypropylene, which reduces the risk of harmful chemical off-gassing in your environment. Plus, while each unit provides many years of effective purification, each one is constructed with recyclable components that can easily be disassembled and sorted at the end of the unit’s life.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Blueair is known for having one of the most easy-to-use apps available in the indoor air quality business. You can control your air cleaner from your phone, check on your current conditions and more from the palm of your hand. Look for wi-fi enabled models above for the most convenient air purification available.