Blueair is known for its quality air purifiers. We recently reviewed the company’s Cabin Air P2i, an air purifier made specifically for cars, trucks and other vehicles. Today we are reviewing its new Joy S air purifier. This one is meant for use in homes and small offices.

The Joy S comes in five different colours that can match any kind of room decor.  The Joy S is designed for rooms up to 16 square meters. The device comes housed in a very attractive tower-like design that also boasts top notch build quality. While the enclosure of the device are made using metal, the top and the bottom parts of the Joy S are made of plastic.

It is not only whisper silent and energy efficient, but is also quite intuitive to use, thanks to its one-button speed control. The Blueair Joy S accompanies the HEPASilent filtration technology and is capable of a 200-cubic meter per hour CADR. The HEPASilent filtration technology uses a combination of electrostatic and mechanical processes to remove 99.97% of airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses, allergens, micro-plastics, smoke, dust, pet dander and pollen – as small as 0.1 micron in size.

The Joy S also comes with an active carbon filter, which removes odours, gases, and VOCs. And since the Joy S  features a 360° air intake, it is fully efficient wherever you place it in the room. The Joy S consumes 1.5 watts of electricity, is whisper silent and can provide clear air in rooms of up to 16 square meters, every 12 minutes.

The Blueair Joy S supplies purified air from the top, while it sucks air and pollutants in, through its porous cylindrical enclosure. The air filter can be accessed by opening up the Joy S – just turn the machine upside down, and you will see this little grip at the bottom. Hold it and twist it to open, and the base comes off, letting you access the filter.

There are touch sensitive buttons on the Joy S – one for power button, while the other controls the speed of the fan. Once it starts up, the Joy S quickly gets to work by cleaning up the air around you. However since the Joy S does not come with a display or the ability to pair with a smartphone app, it might be difficult to tell the effectiveness of the device.

Blueair does sell an air quality monitor separately that lets you check the quality of the air around you. This unit monitors indoor air quality and senses particles and VOCs while sending updates in real-time to your smartphone. However, this is an additional expense, since it costs around AED 699. The company provided us with an air quality monitor to test out the actual performance of the Blueair Joy S.

Having used a Blueair product in recent times – the Cabin Air P2i – I am glad to report that the Blueair Joy S really did its job. To test this device out, we lit some bakhoor oud chips in a bakhoor burner. For those uninitiated, bakhoor oud chips are essentially oud incense chips which emit heavy smoke when burnt. These are used to spread fragrance around the house during special occasions.

We lit some bakhoor oud chips in a room, closed the windows, and switched the AC off. Once the room was engulfed in smoke, we switched on the Blueair Joy S and let it do its job. After the initial 30 minutes, we started seeing some results – the smoke started clearing off. In the next 45 minutes the room was cleared off smoke, though the smell of the bakhoor oud remained. In real world tests, the Blueair Joy S took a little more than an hour to clear a room full of smoke.

Though the Blueair Joy S did its job, it would have been better if it came with a display or an app that connects to your smartphone to update the quality of air around you. For an asking price of AED 699, the Blueair Joy S is a good buy, especially if you have little kids at home and you want the air around them filtered.

Price: AED 699