Sophisticated styling and ingenious European engineering come together in the new Pro Series from Blueair. The Blueair Pro L air purifier is quite the overachiever, boasting superior air cleaning capabilities for spaces of up to 1240 sq ft. Featuring two powerful, energy-efficient fans, the Blueair Pro L can achieve an impressive 4 air exchanges per hour in large living and working spaces that other air purifiers can’t come close to handling. Moreover, the Pro L air purifier is quieter on high speeds, uses less power on low speeds and has a narrower footprint than regular Blueair models, as well as competing air purifiers in its class.

The Blueair Pro L air purifier features Blueair’s proprietary HEPASilent® technology, which marries the best in electrostatic and mechanical filtration, while ensuring the quietest clean air delivery possible. The revolutionary combination of advanced filtration media and an encapsulated particle charging chamber ensures that the Blueair Pro L air purifier delivers superior air cleaning results when compared to mechanical or electrostatic technologies alone. In fact, the Blueair Pro L can capture particles 3 times smaller than a standard HEPA air purifier can.

The two particle filters in the Blueair Pro L air purifier are a marvel of engineering, consisting of millions of ultra-thin fibres of different shapes and sizes interwoven in a progressive filter design. The earlier filtration layers capture larger particles such as dust, pollen and mould spores, with subsequent layers capturing finer particulates such as airborne bacteria and exhaust particles. The new and improved V-shaped particle filters in the Blueair Pro L contain 52 sq. ft. of filtration media, allowing for superior particle collection, maximum airflow and unparalleled performance, even when the filters are heavily loaded. As with all Blueair air purifiers, dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and ultra-fine particulates down to 0.1 microns are captured at 99.97% effectiveness for better than HEPA air cleaning performance.

While the standard Blueair Pro L air purifier is the best choice for those who only want to control particles (e.g., house and textile dust, pollen, pet dander, fungi/mould spores, dust mite by-products, fine ash, combustion particles from HVAC systems, printer/photocopier emissions and other microscopic particulate matter), those seeking protection from hazardous chemicals, toxic gases and unpleasant odours should consider purchasing the optional Gas & Odour (GO) SmokeStop filters.

The Blueair Pro L Gas & Odour (GO) SmokeStop filters offer the same outstanding particle filtration as the particle filters do, but also contain granular activated carbon to provide wide-spectrum chemical, gas and odour control. Featuring 3.4 lbs. of coconut shell activated carbon impregnated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, the PRO L GO SmokeStop filters provide additional safeguards from tobacco and wood smoke toxins, gaseous combustion byproducts, ethylene oxide and ozone, as well as the harmful VOCs found to some extent in every home and workplace (e.g., from fresh paint, new furniture, carpets, personal care products, cleaning products, art and hobby materials).

For heavily polluted environments, optional Carbon+ filters can be added to the Blueair Pro L equipped with GO SmokeStop filters to provide even greater protection against chemicals and gases. These filters contain an additional 1 lb. of impregnated activated carbon, which acts as a pre-filter for chemicals and gases before they enter the SmokeStop filters. The Carbon+ filters can also be added to the standard Blueair Pro L air purifier with particle filters for light gas and odour control.

The Blueair Pro L air purifier features three manually operated fan speed settings for total control over air flow rates and cleaning performance via a sleek top control panel. Like all Blueair air purifiers, the Pro L offers virtually silent operation when running on low, however the leading edge technology in Blueair’s Pro Series makes the Pro L air purifier quiet and unobtrusive on higher speeds as well. In fact, at 55 dB, the Blueair Pro L is quieter on high than many other air purifiers are on low!

Adding the optional Air Intelligence Module (AIM) to the Blueair Pro L allows your air purifier to continuously monitor your indoor air for harmful particles and gases through state-of-the-art optic laser and ceramic sensors. Setting the module to “auto mode” allows the Pro L air purifier to automatically adjust the fan speed according to actual pollutant levels in the air, ensuring the optimal delivery of clean air on a continual basis.

Blueair air intelligence module

Energy Star qualified, the Blueair Pro L air purifier uses significantly less power than comparable air cleaners on the market (a mere 22 watts on low), making it not only environmentally responsible, but economical to operate. Made from recyclable materials of exceptional quality, Blueair Pro L air purifiers are built to provide years of dependable service.

Unlike conventional electrostatic air cleaners, the Blueair Pro L air purifier is completely safe for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory ailments because it releases absolutely no ozone or ozone by-products into the air. In fact, independent laboratory tests in a sealed steel housing chamber prove that the ozone concentration in the output air is lower than in the incoming air. In addition, a special powder-coated finish ensures that the Blueair Pro L air purifier produces no chemical off-gassing.

As with all Blueair air purifiers, the filters in the Blueair Pro L are made of polypropylene, an environmentally responsible synthetic, which ultimately breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. This filter material is non-toxic and naturally hydrophobic, inhibiting bacteria, virus and mould growth without the need for chemical additives or washes.

To maintain optimal air cleaning performance and ensure warranty coverage, the filters in the Blueair Pro L air purifier must be replaced every 6 months. The built-in filter replacement indicator light on the top display panel of the Blueair Pro L will let you know when it’s time to change the filters. The filters themselves can easily be replaced by pulling off the magnetic side grill, removing the old filters, sliding the new ones in and replacing the grill. Quick and simple!

With its sleek design and compact footprint, the Blueair Pro L air purifier offers a quiet solution to your high-capacity air cleaning needs. Designed for large living and work spaces, the Blueair Pro L is an excellent choice for entire main floors, great rooms with cathedral ceilings, over-sized basements, loft-style apartments, extra-large condos and office cubicle environments. The Blueair Pro L is neutral white in colour with a dark grey top and sides, making it blend easily into almost any décor.

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