The Blueair Pro L air purifier brings large-capacity air purification with smart Swedish design right into your living room. Cleaning up to 780 sq ft., the Pro L runs whisper quiet and consumes about as much energy as a lightbulb. Keep your large living spaces clean and healthy with this Blueair Purifier.

Quick and Clean
Change the air in your room up to five times an hour with this quiet air purifier. Air is circulated into the unit, charged in a separate internal chamber, then passed through Blueair’s HEPASilent filter which will trap particles at 0.1 microns 99.97% of the time. The Blueair Pro L will need a filter change once every six months of operation.

Near Silent Operation
Traditional air purifiers need big noisy motors to pass air through a series of thick filters. Blueair’s uses  electrostatic and traditional filtration that allows the Blueair Pro L to use a much smaller and quieter motor. Softer than a normal room conversation the noise the unit produces will never go above 55 decibels (dB[A])

Sleek, Simple Design
This unit will not be an eyesore. Modern design gives this Blueair Purifier the look of the latest gadget, not a boring air cleaner. Intuitive touch controls adjusts fan speed, filter life indicator and air quality measurements (when used with the Air Intelligence Module) are located on top of the unit.

Friendly to the Environment
The Blueair Pro M does not emit any ozone into your room. Blueair has earned an Energy Star rating from the EPA for this unit. The smaller, more efficient motor uses about the same amount of energy as a single lightbulb. The HEPASilent Filter material is 100% recyclable.

Intelligent Air
Outfit the Blueair Pro L with an optional air monitoring system. The Air Intelligence Module will test your homes air for gases and particles and automatically program your Blueair Purifier for maximum cleaning efficiency.

The Blueair Pro L comes with a 5 Year Warranty through Blueair

What’s In The Box
Blueair Pro L
Blueair Pro L HEPASilent Filters (installed)
Instruction Manual and Warranty Documentation