It has arrived! Ordered on 9/19 and the box finally arrived today, 10/27.

I think this is a fun box full of interesting little items and stocking stuffers!

r/BeautyBoxes - Bombay and Cedar $65 Mega Mystery Box
  • Kafe Premium Coffee Candy in Caramel Cream – Not yet opened, but I love all hard coffee candies so these already get a high rating

  • Adult-ish (Record your highs and lows on the road to the real world) by Cristina Vanko – This is an odd…thing. It’s like a baby book…but for your “first adult moments”. I’m 28, not sure if this is for me, I might gag gift it to a younger friend of mine at work who is 24

  • ahh!-larm – Glitter heart keychain – Not my style but a cute gift–just need to find the right person to give this to

  • California Home Goods – Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Mini Bags – Haven’t opened these yet, but seem useful if they work

  • KTSMAIL – painted petal notecards (16 assorted greeting cards w envelopes) – So cute! Just purchased a house, going to use these to send some thank yous…

  • Eight Mood – 4 coasters in YSTAD – A very neutral shade of dark grey with a white pattern–not yet opened, so unsure of durability

  • Tech Candy – Tech Taffy (removes dust and crumbs from keyboards, etc.) – Works quite well, the first thing I used!

  • Compendium – 12 double-sided colored pencils – Somehow I’m most exciting about these? Super cute colors and idea–I doodle a lot during meetings at work…

  • Cee Cee & Bee – Tub Tea in Lavender Slumber (handmade) – Smells beautiful

  • Organic & Botanic – Mandarin Orange Enhancing Day Moisturizer – Realized, in the package, they actually sent me the Amazonian Berry scent…unsure what to do now…

  • We are Wild – Solid Water Probiotic Toner – Not yet tried

  • Fanny Pac – Toilet Seat Covers (10 pack) – These are super cute and a functional little gift!

  • Nanaka – Third Eye Chakra Oil Perfume (roll-on) – Not as strong smelling as I would have hoped but I like the roll-on aspect

  • 100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick – A nice, neutral shade that works well with my skin tone, luckily, very creamy and smooth, almost like a chapstick

  • Moroccan Magic – Argan & Essential Oil Lip Balm in Lavender – A nice smell, and not sticky!

  • Nanacoco – Gel Nail Strips in Sweet Dream – Very cute pattern! I tend to use Dashing Diva nail strips, but glad I got these to try another brand as well

  • Bombay and Cedar Essential Oil – Japanese Peppermint

  • Bombay and Cedar Essential Oil – Soothing Mandarin