Relieving Dry Indoor Conditions – Boneco Humidifiers

The cooler winter months bring dry air to most of us. Heating systems, whether gas, LP, or even wood compound this by drying the air in our homes by lowering the humidity in the home. These things combine to create conditions that can be very uncomfortable for many people. When the rH in your home gets too low, the air pulls moisture out of anything it can to return balance. Dry air can aggravate eczema, dry out sinus passages and even damage the wood your home. Air with a very low relative humidity can have effects on us internally as well.

For some people extremely dry air can bring on fatigue, cause headaches, impede oxygen exchange in the lungs and even effect the immune system by drying out the mucous membranes that are the front line in trapping and expelling germs and other microbes that can cause the illness. While some of these symptoms are not universal for all people, one of the easiest ways to get around this and return comfort to your home is with an efficient humidifier.

Types of Boneco Humidifiers

The Ultrasonic System

Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic HumidifiersBoneco uses ultrasonic technology to increase your comfort. The ultrasonic humidifier system uses high-frequency vibrations to turn water into a micro-fine mist, which is then blown by a fan into the room where it immediately evaporates. Ultrasonic humidifiers consume very little power, and a replaceable demineralization cartridge (Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology) ensures water mist without lime scale or mineral residues. A built-in hygrostat and additional output regulator ensure that every ultrasonic unit properly humidifies the room in which it is used.

The Air Washer System

Air-O-Swiss Air Washer HumidifiersThis process of humidification and air washing uses a disc system that continuously turns through water. In doing so, the humidifier discs wash impurities such as dust, pollen and other airborne particles from the air just as rain washes the air clean in nature. The air washer automatically humidifies correctly because air will accept only the amount of moisture it is able to hold at a particular temperature. This is known as the “self-regulating principle” and prevents over or under humidification.

The Evaporator System

Air-O-Swiss Evaporator HumidifiersThe Boneco evaporation system humidifies room air using an evaporator wick. Evaporative humidifiers are equipped with a special pad (also known as the evaporator wick) that when soaked in water humidifies the air that passes through the system. A fan draws dry air through the moistened wick and re-circulates properly humidified air back into the room. As air passes through the unit the evaporator wick catches and retains various dust and other airborne particles to some extent.

Evaporators automatically humidify correctly because air will accept only the amount of moisture it is able to hold at a particular temperature. This is known as the “self-regulating principle.” This self regulation eliminates the need for additional humidity control devices such as hygrostats.

In all, Boneco offers some of the most advanced and efficient home humidifiers available today. In a range of styles, types, and models, Boneco humidifiers stand on a solid reputation as a leader in humidifiers and in-home comfort.