Your monthly reminder that you’re breathtaking! Oh and that suggestions do get over 200+ upvotes! Crazy world we live in innit?

As per usual this is where you’ll find all the suggestions for the last month that achieved an upvote notoriety above 200, as well as 10 that were just short.

Well, guess who’s late (again). With school starting for a lot of our mods, things got a bit delayed. Fear not, we still make sure you get your monthly showcase of our community’s best post.

We’ll also change up the TMS format just a bit. Tell us if you like the changes or not.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the month of September. This month we had a few less suggestions than usual, but still a lot of quality posts.

This month we have 97 suggestions that made it to at least that sweet 200 mark, with 6 of those reaching 300+ upvotes (Luminous!), 4 reaching 400+ (Super Luminous!), 5 reaching 500+ (Brilliant!), 1 reaching 600+ (Fabulous!), 3 reaching 700+ (Enlightened!), 5 reaching 800+ — 900+ (Grand!), 9 reaching from 1000+ — 1500+ (Ascended!), 16 reaching from 1600+ — 2000+ (Legendary!), 19 reaching from 2100+ — 2500+ (Mythic!), 4 reaching from 2600+ — 3000+ (Omnipotent!), and finally 1 reaching from 3100+ — 3500+ (Omnipotent+!)

A brief overview of what kinds of suggestions are in this TMS:

  • Mobs: 24

  • Blocks & Items: 20

  • AI Behavior: 9

  • General: 5

  • Structures: 4

  • Sounds: 4

  • User Interface: 4

  • Command: 4

  • Weather: 3

  • Combat: 3

  • Monthly Theme: 3

  • Plants & Food: 2

  • Redstone: 2

  • Gameplay: 2

  • Bedrock Edition: 2

  • High Quality Post: 2

  • Terrain: 1

  • Magic: 1

  • Dimensions: 1

  • Achievement: 1

  • Controls: 0

  • Java Edition: 0

  • Advancement: 0

It seem like Mobs and Blocks & Items where the most popular this month just like last month. Controls and Advancement stand at the bottom with no posts this month.

THEME: Cave Mobs

Last month’s theme originated a lot of posts, so this time we’ll go with cave mobs. Since the Caves and Cliffs Update is coming, try coming up with ideas for new creatures that roam the underground.

Monthly Challenges October 2020

  1. Get a monthly theme post to 100+ upvotes. Share your post around and get support! (+25 & +5 for every 100 upvotes more, only valid for one post per person)

  2. Get a monthly theme post to 20+ comments. Start a discussion and be active with your comments section! (+10 /post)

  3. Include at least one piece of handmade visuals in a monthly theme post. Showcase your suggestion with visuals, it really helps! (+15 /post)

Steps to participate:

  • Your post must be in r/minecraftsuggestions and you must be in the MCS official discord

  • Make sure your post has the monthly theme flair

  • Copy the link to your post and put in the Discord channel “monthly-workshop” and make sure to say that you are submitting the post to the Monthly Challenges

  • Most be posted within the correct month

Special mentions

Congrats to u/Nightfall-memer for being MVP of this month with their 3100+ post.

The Underrated Post of the Month goes to this idea by u/_Koza.

The Top Monthly Theme post this time was this one, by u/TheGreatGimmick.


There’s quite a few things to talk about this month.

Firstly, a warm welcome for our 2 new moderators, u/MrOzone2020 (previously a Discord only moderator) and the lovely u/HelenAngel.

We’ve also added a High Quality Posts wiki page, where all of the posts deemed worthy of that flair have been cataloged.

Also also, this year’s Minecraft Live has announced the “Caves and Cliffs Update”. In case you missed the stream, you can still watch it here. The glowsquid won the mob vote too.

There is always lots to do on the discord, so don’t forget to check that out and hang out!

This months wiki changes:

Rejected ideas

FPS list

Finally, here’s your monthly reminder to please read the FPS list before making an idea, just to be sure your idea isn’t already on there.


<>If there was a suggestion that was missed, please let us know below. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t yet reached infallible perfection just yet (we’re still trying, impossible as it might be), so some mistakes are still within the realm of possibility.<>

  • 3100✨ Zombies should actually attack the Illagers as well.

  • 2900✨ /enchant no longer has restrictions.

  • 2800✨ If you breed two horses with 2 enchanted apples, they make 2 perfect horses

  • 2700✨ Master cleric villagers should cure zombie villagers with the help of iron golems

  • 2700✨ If the iceologer wins, he should be named the chillager

  • 2500✨ Villager unemployment is too high.

  • 2500✨ In hard mode, when the explosion of a creeper hits another, this creeper explodes too.

  • 2500✨ Gravity-affected blocks such as sand and gravel do not fall when touching a honey block.

  • 2500✨ Minecraft should have a 360 death camera

  • 2400✨ Iron Golem should give a poppy when repaired with iron

  • 2400✨ Baby villagers spawn snow golems during rain in snowy villages

  • 2400✨ Charged Creepers should sound more electrical

  • 2400✨ Slime ball can be throw like snow ball and they slow the player movements during 1 seconds.

  • 2400✨ In creative mode, you should be able to break blocks faster.

  • 2300✨ Craft only 2 doors instead of 3

  • 2300✨ Change the cobweb breaking sound

  • 2300✨ Glowsquid should change it’s color when it crosses a different biome

  • 2200✨ To save yourself from death, there is the Totem of Undying. To find where you died, suggesting the Tombstone!

  • 2200✨ prismarine ore in underwater caves

  • 2200✨ Take note from Guardians, and add some new mobs.

  • 2200✨ Phantoms should spawn naturally and freely roam across the Overworld skies every night, but only attack the player when the she/he haven’t slept for days.

  • 2200✨ Paintings should cycle in a pattern

  • 2100✨ Target blocks should create bigger targets when stacked on top of each other

  • 2100✨ Suggesting the Chorus Snatcher: A rare, hostile, anti-air End mob that uses Fishing-Rod-like mechanics to snatch things like Ender Pearls and Elytra players mid-flight!

  • 2000✨ The death message for dying to a Phantom should read “[Player] lost their grip on reality.”

  • 2000✨ Separate keepinventory and keepexperience

  • 2000✨ Shift right clicking a spawn egg on a boat/mine cart should place the mob in the boat/mine cart

  • 2000✨ Raid Theme

  • 1900✨ Purified water – a way to make cauldrons more useful and improve brewing

  • 1900✨ Actual fish that are in the water can swim up to your fishing hook if it’s in water

  • 1800✨ Stone Brick Pillars

  • 1800✨ Horses won’t wander off if they’re near haybales

  • 1800✨ Piglins Should Also Do Their “Victory Dance” After Defeating The Player

  • 1800✨ Hear ye, hear ye, happy campers of MCS…you’ve been scrolling for a while, I can tell. Let’s sit down ‘round the fire and talk a campfire update, why don’t we?

  • 1700✨ Simple flying machines should rarely spawn as naturally-generated structures at high altitudes in The End. Honey Block + Minecart variants can even have Chests as loot.

  • 1700✨ being in above height limit will greet you with space, alien like sounds. being below y7 will make disturbing, glitchy and end like ambience.

  • 1700✨ The slime jungle biome, a new biome in the nether consisting of slime trees and rivers of liquid slime.

  • 1600✨ [ADR] Flutterflies: An adorable ambient mob for the flower forest! (Mechanics could be adapted for the moobloom!)

  • 1600✨ Double Flower Pot

  • 1600✨ Add a search bar so you can find settings without having to go into every category

  • 1500✨ Buff the bosses

  • 1400✨ While sleeping, players who’ve killed the dragon can review the credits (End Poem)

  • 1400✨ Ice and Fire (Put an Iceologer in the Nether)

  • 1300✨ New Mob idea: Constructors!

  • 1300✨ Make Temples Challenging

  • 1200✨ The sky needs something

  • 1200✨ Netherite armor and tools should show an increase in veins of gold and diamond as the durability decreases

  • 1000✨ Why not make gold weapons dangerous ? (Remake)

  • 1000✨ Witches shouldn’t be all evil

  • 900✨ Lily pads break if you fall on them from a high space

  • 900✨ We should be able to place signs on floors and ceilings!

  • 800✨ Two-Handed Weapons

  • 800✨ Why does obsidian burn in lava?

  • 800✨ Doppelganger

  • 700✨ Black Boss Bar For the Wither

  • 700✨ Diamond in the Ruff

  • 700✨ Iron golems need love

  • 600✨ pack.png should be an ingame painting

  • 500✨ Add Quartz buttons and pressure plates

  • 500✨ More weather variations could be added

  • 500✨ A Sound Update

  • 500✨ Minecraft should add the OG tutorial map as a free map on the shop

  • 500✨ Make respawned dragons not destroy blocks

  • 400✨ Playful dogs

  • 400✨ Baby villagers go trick-or-treating around Halloween.

  • 400✨ Make sweeping edge not effect pets

  • 400✨ Dogs should bark when there is a aggressive mob in the area

  • 300✨ When you die in a hardcore world and your dog is nearby, it should howl at the spot you died.

  • 300✨ Totems of undying should give you levitation if you are dying to the void

  • 300✨ If a TNT Block is struck by lightning it will detonate instantly and will have a bigger explosion than a normal TNT.

  • 300✨ Put sunflowers and sugar cane in flower pots

  • 300✨ The Hopshel, a unique end familiar for all playstyles!

  • 300✨ Minecraft is a temperate zone-centric game

  • 200✩ Soul-glass: Smelted soulsand that acts as a one-way mirror/ hides all players on the other side/reveals(spectre arrow effect) all players on the other side.

  • 200✩ Snow storms should should heal snow golems

  • 200✩ Vexes should despawn when you kill the evoker that summoned them

  • 200✩ /Setbiome command

  • 200✩ You should be able to put protection on horse armor

  • 200✩ Gamerule piglintransformation

  • 200✩ Nether/aquatic music shouldn’t play nonstop on bedrock edition

  • 200✩ The glow squid should be themed around XP. Here’s why (and why this would be even better than giving it a unique drop).

  • 200✩ The End Sparrow

  • 200✩ How Glow Squids Should Be Implemented (A Repost)

  • 200✩ Farming Update

  • 200✩ Mobs can spawn with shields in hard mode

  • 200✩ Please raise clouds

  • 200✩ Fix the panda AI

  • 200✩ Now that we can set the gamerules before the game, PLEASE add presets!

  • 200✩ Add Chalk for new pastel colors

  • 200✩ Change the fishing rod recipe to use an iron nugget

  • 200✩ Pressure plates on wool make no sounds

  • 200✩ Pink dolphins.

  • 200✩ Why not add Hornets in the Nether ?

  • 200✩ Putting dye in a dispenser emits a bit of colored smoke

  • 200✩ Why not Skeleton Knights

  • 200✩ Flint Blocks

  • 200✩ Blindness should Lower Mob’s Detection Range

And here are the 10 honorable ones:

<>All Monthly Suggestion Posts are cataloged on the subreddit’s TMS Catalog Wikipage.<>

Note: The comments are not for posing ideas unless they pertain to the feedback theme. If an idea crops up in a discussion, then that’s fine, but for posting a suggestion for the community and the developers, that is what the “submit” button at the top right is for.

Finally, you can see some suggestions that have actually been implemented on the Successful Suggestions Wikipage! Maybe one of these will make it on there someday! If you have a suggestion that actually has been implemented in some form or another, please let us know so that we can update the list. Thanks!

Until next time folks, have a fantastic day/night, and take care! 😀