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The main allergy crook for people with allergic asthma are Dust mites they are also called bed mites.

It is found in human occupancy. Sometimes they are called as skin eater.

The dust mites are undetectable to the eye, dust mites are usually located in cushion, rug, mat & carpet, and upholstered furniture since they live on the dead skin and dander. These dust mites can be removed very efficiently with Air Purifiers with HEPA and ESP Filters from home very efficiently.

Most loved places Of these Dust mites are mattresses. Dust mites discover everything they need in your bed: warmness, moisture, and food.

Dust mite communities boost very quickly;. The weight of the average bed enhance considerably throughout ten years of use due to dust mite infestation, and the weight of the regular pillow increases 10% after one year.

The home where you are frequently wake up with clogging, a runny nose, watery eyes, itching, or sneezing, then you’re most likely allergic to dust mites.

They are harmful when inhaled since they infuriate nasal passages and respiratory tracts.

Allergy symptoms appears when the immune system misses a normally safe protein for an outside invader; this protein that creates the reaction is known as the allergen.

The most miserable thing is that no matter how clean your home is, dust mites cannot be totally removed. But, a number of dust mites can be decreased significantly if you do your homework.

  • Minimize household humidity.
  • Remove wall-to-wall carpets, especially in the bedroom. Better use bare floors — linoleum, tile or wood.
  • Use mattresses and pillows in dust-proof or allergen impermeable covers. Also, wash all bedding and blankets often in hot water.
  • Clean your house regularly using a vacuum with a HEPA filter Air purifiers.
  • We recommend using a HEPA air purifier running in the bedroom and other rooms if necessary.

The Air Purifiers with several filters are the best solutions to these indoor allergy creators , as these Air Purifiers filters easily remove and trap these dust mites present in dust and which is creating allergies and nasal congestions. The cleaning with these Air purifiers is the best option and solution now a days to remove these indoor dust and its harms.