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Clear Air Purifier

Power Supply Input Output
AC 100-240V/ 50/60Hz DC 12V/ 1.0A
Power Consumption Min 2W Max 6W
Dimension 274x 274x 147 mm
Weight 2.7 kg

Special Features

By combining three-stages filtration technology, the Clair CUBE air purifier improves collection efficiency than the existing single filtering system. The CUBE delivers clean air from the back to the top and the strong fan of the CUBE makes room air more pleasant as quickly.

Innovative MAF Technology
The MAF(Magnetic Air Filtration) Technology revolutionized the air purifier industry by combining plasma ionizers and E2F filters which were patented in Europe. In the Charging section, the air pollutants are charged with (+,-) polarity, and in the Trapping section, those polar particles are trapped between the filters by electrostatic attraction. This process traps not only viruses, pollens, bacteria, and VOCs, but also ultrafine dust with a radius of less than 0.1pm.

MafLED Sterilizer
Unlike conventional UV lamps, the Clair CUBE uses the in-direct bactericidal method of Violet blue light, which is harmless to humans and has excellent antibacterial capabilities. It helps to keep filter performance longer by sterilizing and removing various contaminants on the surface of the filter. The LED light can also be used as a mood in dark indoor spaces.

UV LEDEnergy Efficiency
The Clair CUBE has very low power consumption by spending just 6 watts even in high-speed mode. It keeps users save costs and enjoy fresh air all the time.

EnargyEasy Maintenance
Removing large chunks of dust on the surface of the filter every 1-2 months would ensure that the effectiveness of the filter lasts longer. Easy and simple replacement to new filter by user. (recommended interval of filter replacement is 12 months)

settingLow Noise level
As the Clair CUBE produces a noise level of less than 40dB even at its high-speed mode, it can be used while studying or sleeping without creating any disruption.


Attractive Design
Make a natural harmony in all interior and the curve with the 4 corners of the product design makes a soft feeling.

soundIdeal Placement
The attractive design of the Clair CUBE is easy to install and move at any place due to its compact size and shape. The flair CUBE provides fresh air constantly around it is placed.

ideaMade in Korea
All models are made in Korea to ensure customer reliability.

made in koria

Product Components and Names

Product Components

clair Air Purifier - produck compotonents

Names of Each Part

clair Air Purifier - prts of compotons

Installation Method

CAUTION! You must connect DC Adapter to the product first and then connect to the outlet.

Recommended Installation

clear Air Purifier - instalation place1

clair Air Purifier - instalation place3


How to Clean the Filter

1. Turn the power off and unplug down with back from the power outlet. clair Air Purifier - filter1
2. Lay the product off and unplug down with the back cover facing upwards. clair Air Purifier - chenge filter1
3. Hold the handle and disassemble
the back cove
clair Air Purifier - chenge filter2
4.Remove dust at the top of the r. E2F filter using a vacuum cleaner. clair Air Purifier - filter4

Caution! Make sure to start cleaning and filter management after turning off the power, unplugging from the power outlet, and making sure that the fan has stopped. There is a danger of electric shock or other accidents if the filter is changed during operation.

How to Change the Filter

1. Lay the product down with the back cover facing upwards. clair Air Purifier - filter2
2. Hold the handle and disassemble the back cover. clair Air Purifier - filter3
3. Hold the handles on both sides of the E2F filter and disassemble the E2F filter from the main body. 4. Change the clean unused filter. clair Air Purifier - chenge filter3

Caution for Maintenance

Caution for Safety

Caution for Power

  • Do not change or extend the cable.
  • Do not bend the power plug or pull as it may cause damage.
  • Do not pull the power plug cable.
  • Do not use damaged power cords, plugs, or loosened outlets.
  • Do not use multiple devices simultaneously on a single power strip.
  • Do not use a power plug near a heater.
  • Use rated adapter (DC 12V/1.0A rating).
  • Pull out the power plug from the outlet in the event of cleaning.
  • Do not touch the power plug with wet hands.
  • Pull the plug out when the product is not in use.
  • Be careful not to let infants access or operate the product.

*Failure to follow these instructions could lead to damage or injury by electric shock or fire.
Caution for Use and Placement

  • Do not use the product in a place where gas may be leaked.
  • Do not use the product in a place with industrial oil smoke or metallic dust.
  • Do not use it under direct sunlight, near heaters, or in humid conditions.
  • Do not place on a slope or uneven surface.
  • Install at least 20cm away from surrounding objects.
  • Check if there are any obstacles blocking the air inlet or outlet part.
  • Do not move the product by holding the back cover only.

*Failure to follow these instructions could lead to reduced purification ability, abnormal noise, or malfunction. And it may cause damage or injury by electric shock or fire.
Caution for Operation

  • Use the product when the plug is fully fixed so that the power plug does not shake.
  • Do not block air inlets and outlets with other foreign matter.
  • Do not use it near hot objects like a stove or fire in risky places.
  • Do not use the product on its side or back and do not put any object on the top.
  • Do not use when body and filter are separated.
  • Do not use detergent to clean the surface of the product.

*Failure to follow these instructions could lead to fire, malfunction, damage to the product, or reduced purification ability.
Caution for Fitter

  • Avoid making direct contact with filters in use such as smelling or touching
  • For polluted filters, open the back cover and remove dust only using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaning with water is not recommended as it may cause filter function to decrease.
  • If the product is not used for long durations of time, pollutants may be collected in the filter. Seal the filter using a plastic cover and store it.

*Failure to follow these instructions could lead to health problems or functional reduction of the E2F filter.

Warranty Certificate

CLAIR, Inc. implements the warranty of the product as below according to the consumer indemnification regulation.

  • The warranty period of Clair products is 1 year from the purchase date.
  • The compensation and reception notice shall be made within 7 days from the application date, and repair and compensation shall be made within 14 days from the application date. (excluding holiday and national holidays)
  • The below shall be subject to paid repair.
    – In case of failure by using non-authentic components
    – In case of failure by the negligence of the user or by arbitrary repair and modification
    – In case of failure by non-implementation of matters defined in the user manual
  • Paid repair is available after the warranty period.
  • provide warranty certificate in the event of repair application.

Customer Information

Product name Clair CUBE Air Purifier
Model name C1BU1933
Date of purchase year month date
Warranty period year from purchase date
Manufacturing date Indicated separately
Manufacturer CLAIR, Inc.

*Please safely store this certificate with your user manual as it cannot be re-issued.


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