Our Clair B line of products was created with the ability to capture the most harmful particles most air purifiers fail to capture with standard consumer filters. See Clair B2 in action below.

Clair B2 is your compact solution for breathing easier anywhere you go. Whether you’re at home, work, on the go taking public transit, Clair B2 uses advance magnetic air filtration to reduce 50% of air pollutants in an area the size of a sedan car within 10 minutes.

  • Built for on-the-go Portability – Similar to the size of a water bottle Clair B2 is portable enough to sit in a cup holder of a car or your child’s stroller for clean air while on the move.
  • Clair B2 Benefits– Whether you have seasonal allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory conditions, Clair B2 will be the ideal solution for instant access to cleaner air for living a healthier lifestyle.
  • More Effective Than Trusted Brands – Many air purifiers on the market use, mid-low grade HEPA filters with a filtration capacity of only 0.3um (microns). Clair B2 filters capture pollutants as small as 0.1um (microns).

Take control of the air you breathe and free yourself from symptom causing airborne particles.

      All the power and performance of stationary in-home purifiers, keeping your personal space free of harmful contaminants.

      A must-have for the frequent traveler –Small enough to fit in your overnight or carry on bag for purified air wherever your journey takes you.

      Frequent travelers often encounter various air quality conditions within a short amount of time.

      With the need to maintain good health while on the go, Clair B2 will be the extra line of defense for maintaining a strong immune system. No need to take an extra day off from travels to recover from illnesses caused by polluted air.

      Trains, Buses, Ridesharing –Protect yourself from exposure to coughs, sneezing, and odors experienced in tightly confined spaces.

      Taking public transportation has its benefits but due to the frequent use of public transit, Many people find themselves susceptible to many airborne pollutants that often become the cause of the common cold, flu, and other illnesses.

      You can use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean while but off-gassing, mold and other harmful particles are often present during your commute. Clair B2 advanced filtration technology will help defend against particles that hand sanitizer, scarfs, and face masks cannot.

      Your Grab-N-Go Essential – Take your air bubble of protection from the living room to the boardroom for continuous access to purified air.

      Clair B2’s 2.8 x 7.5 inch size is equivalent to a water bottle making it a non-intrusive device that can be placed on your work desk or on a table during your morning meetings at work.

      Despite being the size that it is, Clair B2 features a 99% filtration rate which makes it more effective than many of its larger counterparts that often sit stationary in homes and offices.

      Take Control of Your Health – Clair B2 creates a bubble of protection for allergies, asthma, and more!

      As air quality and pollution increases, many people experience a variety of respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, and other conditions that can and often cause inconvenient long-term effects on breathing and your quality of life. With Clair B2, you can begin to take control of your health.

      For a Good Night’s Rest – Eliminate the respiratory factors that influence your lack of quality sleep.

      Pollution and air quality is often an unseen contributor to toward experiencing less than ideal quality of sleep.

      With our experience and understanding of this, we set out to create an all-in-one solution for combating poor air quality, protect your health, and provide soothing sounds that help you whine down after a day on the move.

      Peace of Mind – After a long day, enjoy up to 34 pre-programmed ambient sounds based on your mood or preference.

      Carrying both a portable air purifier and Bluetooth speaker can be too much to handle. Clair B2, comes with a built-in Bluetooth 4.1 speaker that pairs with the Clair B2 companion app.

      Select from a variety of soothing sounds such as nature, white, noise, and soothing songs for promoting a more enjoyable physical and mental state of mind in the midst of your busy lifestyle.

      If you are in the mood for playing your favorite playlist while running errands, Clair B2 works as a standalone speaker for playing your favorite songs.

      Tilted for Versatility – Designed to direct airflow to where you need it most

      We understand that it can be difficult controlling the airflow of both bulky and portable air purifiers that are designed to direct airflow in one direction.

      With some portable units, you would have to hold them directly in front of your nose. For improved efficiency, Clair B2 was designed with a 180° swivel air vent lets you direct the airflow where you need it.

      There are only 30 products chosen as the Global Luxury Product in 2016 and despite the fierce competition of 400 to 1, Clair was selected due to its technology which enables it to collect even ultrafine dust and prevents second stage contamination that occurs in other purifiers.

      Clair won the Good Design Award in 2014 and 2015 with its simple yet elegant design. Our design allows Clair B2 to blend in well in many places such as living room, the office, etc.

The Power of Static Electricity – Plasma Ionization is the first line of defense Clair B2 uses for prepping & capturing incoming particles.

With a process that is equivalent to the static reaction experienced when rubbing a balloon on your hair, Clair B2’s Ionization process creates a static electric charge around incoming chemical molecules and other biological agents enter the charging section(1st stage of filtration) they collide with ions, gaining that ion’s static charge.

Other purifiers with ionizers often create secondary harmful substances such as ozone and carbon pollution which can be harmful to those experiencing respiratory diseases.

Clair B2's Analysis of Air Flow
Clair B2’s Analysis of Air Flow

With our technology, we have integrated the second line of defense using our e2f filtration process which passes the charged particles pass on to the trapping section which represents the second stage in our 3-stage magnetic air filtration (MAF) technology.

Efficiency Beyond Measure – Capturing the smallest of particles often missed by most standard filters.

Clair B2’s e2f filter was designed to harness the power of electrostatic power to filter particles as small as 0.1um. Many consumer air purifiers on the market use, mid-low grade HEPA filters with a filtration capacity of only 0.3um. With Clair B2’s e2f filtration stage paired with an advanced internal filter, you can be certain that your Clair B2 filters out many of the harmful pollutants that often go uncaptured.

Our electret film filter has proven to be highly effective in eliminating cigarette smoke, allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, carbon monoxide, toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde.

The filter is made of an embossed polypropylene film, a self-charging electrostatic material, wrapped in a cylindrical shape. Our patented design allows the polypropylene to effectively capture and hold charged particles. The filter’s area is nearly twelve times larger than that of a standard mini-HEPA filter for maximum efficiency and a longer lifespan.

A single mini-electret filter can last four months, and when it is time for replacement, you simply twist the bottom off and lift the filter out.

Our innovative technology was developed in collaboration with the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Pusan University through the support of the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning.

Odor Blocking Efficiency – A simple way to protect your personal space from unwanted odors.

Instead of fussing with air freshener s that only mask unpleasant smells. Clair B2’s coated deodorizing filter represents the final stage of the filtration process focusing on sending odor molecules through the intake vent and out of Clair B2’s vent using an internal fan so you can enjoy the air you breathe when you have limited control of the air quality around you.

The compact size fits conveniently in your vehicle’s drink holders and can be powered directly through your car’s power receptacle.

Child Development – Clair B2 is an ideal choice for protecting your children’s asthma or allergies as they continue to grow and develop.

Children breathe 50% more air per pound than adults so it is important to protect your little ones from pollutants that they often encounter including, pet dander, dust, off-gassing, and other airborne chemicals.

Clair B2 is portable enough to sit in the cup holder of your child’s stroller and quiet enough to not disturb their sleep. Clair B2 will create a bubble of filtered air around your child so you do not have to keep them covered when in public.

Constantly Connected – Clair B2’s proprietary app serves as the hub for getting the most out of your Clair B2.

Clair B2’s companion app “MyClair” comes equipped with the ability to not only play a variety of atmospheric sounds but also an alarm function and the ability to record your voice using your smartphone or smart tablet.

Founder & CEO of Clair. Woohun Lee is an IT expert who has developed software and system engineering in LG EDS Systems and US Sun Microsystems. After working and gaining valuable experience over the years, he built and established the entire system of Clair’s team.

Eunice is vice president of the Clair team. She used to work in Samsung Finance for 15 years. After building a strong partnership with Woohun Lee(CEO), she organized and helped develop Clair into the business it is today.

Jeounghun worked as an LG MC Business Engineer for more than 12+years. He is responsible for the development team at Clair and is a specialist in mechanism design and development of the product.

With 10+ years of overseas sales experience, Bono joined CLAIR team as a part of the original members. He develops marketing strategies and interacts with clients from all over the world.

Elaine worked for Hewlett Packard as the Financial marketing analysis for 6 years. Now she is the overseas sales manager of Clair team, responsible for the marketing and management of clients.

Daniel is a dedicated assistant manager of overseas sales at Clair and manager of crowdfunding. He Introduces and guides new business clients through our line of products for a better understanding of the many benefits we have to offer with Clair.