It broke after turning on the third time it started to blow smoke ugh smell was terrible good thing i didnt leave the room yet. And their warrenty is crap this is what they said to me after i inquired about a warrenty claim

Thank you for your warranty request. Warranty coverage will cover the cost of parts and labor but not shipping to and from the customer. You would be responsible for shipping the item to us and include a prepaid return label so we can return the item back to you.
Refunds are impossible for warranty related returns past the first 30 days upon receipt of the original item. All warranty coverage will be provided in the form of repairs to your existing unit. New replacement units will not be provided. If a product is unable to be repaired and needs to be replaced, a refurbished identical or upgraded unit will be provided at our discretion.
All warranties will be treated as prorated warranties. If your unit is deemed irreparable, a site credit of 40% of the purchase price (not including shipping costs) will be credited against any product(s) as found on Any replacement product will assume only the remaining warranty term of the original product. The sole obligation of Crosslinks under our warranty will result with a repair, replacement or refund, at our discretion.
Warranty claims will be denied if there are any physical damages to the product which appears to be a result of misuse, modification, negligence, incorrect installation/removal or return shipping damage.
If your returned item is not covered under our warranty, we will contact you to provide a quote for the cost of replacement and/or repairs. If you do not wish to repair the item(s), it will be sent back with the prepaid return label that you have provided with your return. In no event shall our liability exceed the cost of the defective goods purchased from us. Crosslinks will not be responsible or liable for labor, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind.
If you wish to return the item for repair, please send it to the address below, and be sure to provide us with a prepaid return label in the box so we can send the item back to you. I wouldnt reccommend this until or company