Built to Last

LakeAir commercial air cleaners were originally designed in the 1970’s. Many of the heavy duty design elements have been kept. This makes a robust product. Commercial air filtration products  are built from 14 gauge steel. We avoid plastic whenever possible.  Heavy duty construction ensures long life and durability.

We use high quality electric motors and blowers. We offer severe duty motors for extra dirty environments. Our units electronics have a 7 year warranty. We powder coat our parts for a durable finish. We weld joints on multiple sides. No tack welding at LakeAir. We test each commercial air cleaner to ensure it functions properly when it arrives at your business. We receive calls from clients who have had commercial air filters for more than 15 years. You can expect a similar life from your LakeAir products.


Our electrostatic models are a blend of high efficiency and massive air flow. Our radial fans move large quantities of air.  Our 3 filter system purifies the airstream in your shop.. Our commercial air cleaners cost pennies a day to operate. The electrostatic filters are washable. They can be re-used for years. You will avoid expensive filter replacement.

Our Media and HEPA models use disposable filter media. Our replacement filters for these models are reasonably priced. Their replacement cost is low in comparison with many of our competitors. Filter replacement is a snap. You can change them out in minutes. This reduces the labor needed keep clean air flowing.

Clean air saves you money. A good supply of clean air helps maintain your equipment. Airborne dust is hard on your electric motors and computer equipment. Dirty and smelly air cuts employee productivity. Reduced indoor air pollution protects your products. Cleaning the air in your business reduces heating cost, because don’t have to reheat air. These benefits make LakeAir air filtration products economical for you and your business.  Our units are priced more affordably, compared to competitors.

Green Manufacturing

LakeAir products are built using the 6 principles of Green Manufacturing.  This process produces eco-friendly air purifiers. Over 95% of the parts that go into a LakeAir commercial air purifier are easily recycled. Our products are made locally and are constructed of  of over 60% recycled materials. The electrostatic cells  save 1000’s of cubic feet of landfill space every year. We use tight tolerances and high grade materials to minimize any air purifying by-products. Protect the environment outside your shop by purchasing an eco-friendly air purifier from LakeAir.

Worker Safety and OSHA Compliance

OSHA takes the air quality in your work place seriously. Modern manufacturing processes often produce harmful particulate. Fumes and gases (also known as volatile organic compounds) can enter the air stream. They may pose a threat to employee health. You need to remove these hazards.  Your employees and customers health depends on it. A business may be subjected to OSHA fines if due diligence is not taken. The price of an effective air purifying system is money well spent. Always hedge your bet on the side of safety.

Need Help Developing Your IAQ Plan?

When you consider purchasing a commercial air purifier system you need to examine several aspects of your facility.

  • . Determine what airborne byproducts are created by the manufacturing processes you use.
  • . Most business activities create more than one kind of indoor air pollution. Be thorough in detailing potential airborne hazards.
  • . Discover what health risks are present due to indoor air pollution.
  • . Define the size of the area you need to provide air purification for.
  • . Prepare a detailed floor plan showing ceiling height, doors and air handling equipment.

Please submit this information to [email protected] with a request for a free proposal and estimate. We have over 40 years of experience.  We will help you determine the right solution for your unique set of circumstances.constructed