why does this machine start to make a crackling sound?

asked on June 20, 2013

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Good product . Have mine for years . Planning to get another . No need to buy filters for replacement . Crackling sound means it’s picking up small particles u can’t see . Easy to clean filter. Just follow instructions.

It is very sensitive to large dust particles and cold air. It also crackles when any moisture gets in, such as air freshener or Lysol Spray. If it does it often, turn it off and brush off the screen and the power cell and it should stop. 🙂

Sometimes when hair or something floating through the air enters the machine, it will be zapped. With my dogs and cats, I had a hairy house and it happened too often for my noise sensitive Labrador. I have mine to my sister and bought new ones that didn’t do this

That’s because there are some large dust particles that OCCASIONALLY pass through it that come in contact with the electrostatic plate, and it makes a sound similar to the sound an outdoor bug-zapper makes- louder than usual cracking or popping noise for a brief second.

small flies (fruit flies) will get bug zapped and crackle

it has taken in a larger than normal dirt particle than it usually does or a bug. I love my two larger Orecks – they make such a difference

It’s called arcing. When a bit of dust or lint passes through the plates, it closes a circuit between the 2 and makes an electrical spark. Nothing to worry about, unless it happens too often. I think it’s mentioned in the owners manual.

V. Littin, This is normal (especially if new) as the machine eleminates impurities from the room. Read the book.. 🙂

: It’s a mockery of a product, if you can return it! It requires constant cleaning & clearly wasn’t well designed with that in mind. Dozens of nooks & crannies. Takes a lot of time and effort whilst exposing yourself to quite a bit of airborne particulate. I only paid $10 for one at a rummage sale where this product belongs! Junk. Will steer clear of these jokers. Luckily only lost small change to learn a valuable lesson. Oreck are peddling snake oil.

Get your money back! Oreck products are junk products in my opinion. Had a unit that never did work and Oreck would NOT refund my money. Good luck with your ‘refund’ that probably won’t happen either.