Daewoo 4-in-1 Air Cooler – BLACK (2 heat settings & 3 fan settings)

Powerful Air Cooling system – Portable Unit

Humidifier with water pump circulation

Air purifier purifies and sterilizes air

Heater with high-tech PTC heating equipment


Daewoo 4-in-1 Air Cooler

This 6.5 litre 4-in-1 home comfort machine features an air cooler, heater, air purifier and humidifier. Stay comfortable all year round with a 3-speed fan for warm weather conditions, and transition to cooler weather with the heater. The heater has 2 heat settings of 1000W up to 2000W with a PTC heating element. The humidifier puts essential humidity back into your living space, which may be low due to artificial heating. Low humidity in your home can cause respiratory health problems and should be maintained at a constant level throughout the year. With the added benefit of a purifier setting with ioniser, you can cleanse the air that you breathe and eliminate odours.

Other features include water pump circulation system, strong green cellulose cooling pad system which is removable and easy to clean, remote control and panel control, water tank with low water level warning system, 12 hour timer and castors to move the unit around easily.

With British weather, there is no such thing as ‘pleasant’. Whether it is freezing cold or roasting hot, we seem to always have reason to complain. That’s why Daewoo have developed a four in one machine designed to bring out the best in each season.

The eco friendly cellulose cooling pad system offers a powerful (yet very comfortable) flow air cool air, while the humidifier brings much needed humidity with water pump circulation.

No good to you from October onwards? Then it’s time to switch to the heater function with two separate heat settings and 3 fan settings to offer the perfect level of warmth. For all year round use, the built-in air purifier purifies and sterilizes air by ionization to help fight summer colds and winter flu season!

Measures: (H) 70 x (L) 34.5 x (W) 28.5cm.