Air purifiers undoubtedly do a lot of things. They clean the indoor air of dust, mold, and other smaller particles.

Most important of all, they are fantastic for maintaining a healthy allergy-free environment.

Do air purifiers help with smell? The answer is they do, but only to a certain extent.

After all, most unpleasant odors or smells have a source.

Without removing the source itself, you cannot get rid of the smells entirely.

What Creates the Odor?

Scent or smell is one of the characteristics that define an article to us.

Often, humans judge an object for its usefulness based on its associated scent alone.

For example, we are partial to the sweet-smelling fruits and flowers and generally associate the pungent smell with rotten food.

Thus, smells are important to us.

You can hardly imagine a house without a unique scent of its own. For some, it is fresh flowers and coffee.

Unfortunately, for other houses, it’s cigarette smoke or sweaty feet.

Smells are generated by different chemicals from different sources—some more strongly than others.

Depending on the objects and people of the respective homes, the smells change.

The truth is, there are hundreds of smell-producing chemicals floating in the air around our homes.

These particles don’t bother us much because we have become desensitized to them.

Nevertheless, when a particular chemical becomes more saturated, we then distinguish it.

Most of these chemicals are volatile organic compounds.

They get released from a source, such as the surface of a flower petal or a banana peel, and into the air.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Smell?

It’s difficult to say with certainty do air purifiers remove odors completely or not.

However, it is proven that they go a long way to prevent an odor from becoming too strong.

If we take a look at how air purifiers work, this becomes apparent.

Air purifiers take in the air from a room and filter it out.

Thus, it cleans the microparticles floating in the air, some of them VOCs.

Still, air purifiers can only filter out the floating particles and do not influence or prevent new particles from forming.

So, if you have molds growing somewhere in your house, removing them while using an air purifier at the same time will improve the odor condition exponentially.

After you have cleaned the apparent sources of smell, turn on your air purifier and leave it on for some time at high speed.

You will see incredible results soon.

What Takes Odor Out Of the Air?

Air purifiers work by using filters. These filters can be of various types and efficacy.

Whether or not does air purifier remove odor, nor do air purifiers help with smells changes depending on the type of filter in it.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filters or High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance filters work by trapping small particles in a kind of mesh.

They can capture 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3-micron.

The problem is, as HEPA filters catch and keep the bacteria in place, they can actually be a source of odor themselves.

Carbon Filter

Activated carbon has small pores throughout its surface.

These pores can absorb gaseous materials and turn them into solids.

These filters are very good at sucking the VOC out of the air.

If you are searching for an air purifier purely for the purpose of removing odor, these ones are worth checking out.

UVGI Air Purifiers

UVGI or Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation technology is a fancy way of saying that this kind of air purifier kills germs using UV light.

As most germs are susceptible to intense UV light, this is an effective method to prevent diseases.

However, this is not very effective against odors.

HEPA Filter With UV-C Light

As we know now, HEPA filters are not exactly fit to remove most odors.

The problem was due to the alive bacteria and mold growing on the filter mesh.

Some air purifiers have overcome this difficulty by implementing a UV light system in the filter.

The UV-C light kills the pathogens trapped in the HEPA filter, potentiating its effect.

Does Air Purifier Remove Odor?

Do air purifiers remove odors?

Removing odors is not as simple as spraying some air freshener in the room.

In fact, 34.7% of the US population suffer from migraine headaches and respiratory difficulties due to fragrance products.

You will have to remove the chemicals from the air actively through the use of air purifiers.

Let’s take a look at different types of odors and how much of them you can remove with air purifiers.

Can Air Purifier Remove Urine Smell?

The last thing you would want your house to smell like is urine, but it cannot be managed if you have pets or babies.

Even if you clean up after them, a slight smell sometimes lingers.

Air purifiers can come in handy for these situations.

As you clean the source of smell, let the carbon filter absorb all the odor-producing chemicals from the air.

Your house will smell fresh in no time.

Can Air Purifier Remove Cigarettes or Smoke Smell?

Cigarette smells and smoke are a little harder to eradicate than urine, especially if it is a strong odor, such as fires.

Still, you can trust that a good air purifier should solve that for you.

Can Air Purifier Remove Body Odor?

Body odors are the worst.

If you live in dorms or a populated house or even your office, it may be very uncomfortable.

Air purifiers are made to battle precisely these sorts of problems.

Can Air Purifiers Remove Mold Smell?

Molds are difficult to eliminate and often leave a slight smell throughout your house.

Fortunately, air purifiers do help with mold smell.

Do your research to find the best air purifier for mold before buying one.

Air purifiers are, without a doubt, a great addition to your home and office.


Even when they do come with a hefty price tag, having fresher, cleaner air is definitely worth it.

If your problem is a smelly home, an air purifier with the right kinds of filters can be what you’re missing.

At the same time, you would want to find out the source of the smell so that you’ll know how to remove the odor from its source.